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We provide accident appraisals in Berlin and the surrounding area. Fast, competent and directly on site. If it has crashed, then the shock is first of all big. You need immediate and uncomplicated help now. But why should you have a motor vehicle accident appraisal prepared? You do realize that the other party is at fault for the accident and the police may have already confirmed this at the scene of the accident. But not every person who caused the damage feels guilty. A different accident sequence is then presented, claiming, for example, that you were driving much too fast or at a red light, had not signaled or had braked unmotivatedly. It is also often claimed that the damage claimed is much too high or that their vehicle had prior damage. With a neutral accident report, which also serves as evidence, you can secure your claims against the person who caused the accident or against the injured party. and in the event of a dispute, you always have a legally secure document in your hand that proves and supports your claims.

As an accident victim in Germany, you have the right to choose your own motor vehicle accident assessor. Be sure to make use of this right and hire us as neutral and objective accident assessors for your accident. This is the only way to ensure the best possible claim settlement. In addition, we offer you competent advice and immediate assistance in the event of damage. Read below for important information about accident reports and how best to handle yourself after an accident.


In advance the first important information for you. The opposing insurance company must pay the costs for your motor vehicle accident assessor if your vehicle was damaged in an accident and you are not at fault for the accident. This does not apply in the so-called minor case. If the amount of damage is less than 750, – euros, no expert opinion, but a cost estimate is made. This only includes the damage calculation and a few photographs for documentation purposes. Even if it is only a worn exterior mirror, you have the right to claim the cost of a new exterior mirror.

What questions does the accident report clarify?? The motor vehicle accident appraisal determines in a legally secure manner which repair costs must be spent for the repair of the vehicle. The accident report will tell you what the depreciation is or if the accident damage is a total loss. In this case, it must be clarified how high the replacement value and the residual value are. The overall condition of the vehicle and the accident damages are documented by the expert with photographs. This ensures that even after your vehicle has been repaired, the original damage can be shown, as is required, for example, in the event of a dispute in court. The settlement of claims in the event of an accident is a complex matter. Insist on your rights and have your accident appraisal prepared.


Accident appraisals are divided into the areas of motor vehicle liability damage and motor vehicle comprehensive damage.
The motor liability damage occurs if you are not to blame for the accident. As an injured party in an accident, you have the right to choose whether the damage should be settled by a professional repair or by the required amount of money (settlement via expert opinion). If the motor vehicle assessor determines a total loss, recovery through repair is not possible. In this case, the opposing insurance company must cover the costs for the replacement of an equivalent vehicle.

The comprehensive motor vehicle damage occurs if you have caused the accident yourself, culpably. The choice of the expert and all important claim settlement formalities are regulated in the special conditions of your comprehensive insurance contract. This also applies to partial comprehensive damage, such as damage caused by wild animals and storms. Let us advise you.

The legal regulations in Germany stipulate that the motor vehicle liability insurance of the party responsible for the accident must cover the costs of your independent accident assessor. You are further entitled to reimbursement for towing costs and the cost of a rental car until your vehicle is roadworthy again or a new vehicle is purchased (totaled). If you don't need a rental car for this time, you are entitled to loss of use money. If you need legal assistance and/or are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, the opposing insurance company must also cover these costs. As a motor vehicle accident assessor in Berlin, we will provide you with an independent motor vehicle accident report and will be happy to advise you on your claims and rights that you can assert. Please note that we can only advise you of your claims, but as accident adjusters we are not authorized to take over the filing of claims!


As a motor vehicle accident assessor, we will also act for you if your vehicle has suffered comprehensive or partial comprehensive damage. Damage to comprehensive insurance is usually self-inflicted or. those in which the damaging party was not determined. Partial cover damage to the car includes damage caused by lightning, hail or storm (fallen trees/branches), theft, game and fire. If you have a comprehensive or partial cover claim, you must first clarify with your insurance company whether they will cover the costs for an independent, freelance accident assessor. In the case of comprehensive and partial comprehensive damage, the insurance company is not obligated to pay the costs for this, it can also send its own expert, which usually also takes place. If you are not satisfied with the comprehensive accident report of the insurance company, you can call in an independent accident assessor at your own expense, who will check this report neutrally. It may well be worth your while to have an accident adjuster review the insurance company's report in the event of a dispute. As an automotive appraiser, we would be happy to provide you with a personal quote and advise you on the cost/benefit ratio. Call us, we will advise you personally.

And another tip from us for you: Don't be misled at the scene of an accident by what you think is minor damage. Some damage only becomes visible with a detailed appraisal. Vehicles of modern design are usually equipped with plastic bumpers, which have a high recovery capacity. That is, after the bump, the bumper reshapes itself and, on superficial inspection, the impression is that no damage was done. You can't see what's broken underneath due to impact. The bumpers are underpinned with impact absorbers, beams and brackets, which are often damaged even by lighter impacts. The rear panel can also be dented in the event of rear impacts, although the damaged area is usually concealed by the bumper. If this damage is not detected because an automotive expert was not involved in the assessment, you will have to pay for any repair costs incurred later yourself, for example when returning leased or financed vehicles.

Test center for the main inspection

Beside our activity as Kfz-Sachverstandige and Kfz-Gutachter we are active as partners of the TuV and accomplish in our Kfz-Prufstellen the main inspection prescribed in certain intervals at your vehicle.

Among other things, the braking system, the steering system, the lighting system and the chassis will be checked. We work professionally and conscientiously for your driving safety. If no or only minor defects are found, your vehicle will receive a new TuV sticker.
If there are any defects, they can be repaired within one month, followed by a follow-up inspection. We operate corresponding vehicle inspection stations in Berlin in the districts of Treptow and Biesdorf; you are welcome to make an appointment for a general inspection at one of our vehicle inspection stations online or by telephone. In addition, we offer various ADAC services that can also be used by non-members. This includes, for example, the used car test and the problem check.

Partner of the TuV Rheinland Group – main vehicle inspection in Berlin

Our vehicle inspection centers in Berlin-Treptow and Berlin-Biesdorf are your competent, independent and reliable partners for your vehicle main inspection. As a partner of the TuV Rheinland Group, we ensure the safety of your vehicle. Thanks to our modern technical equipment with lifting platform and fault memory and our friendly, qualified staff, we can record and repair any damage to your vehicle.

Motor vehicle assessors in Berlin and Brandenburg

Motor vehicle experts Engelmann and Schmidt in Berlin and Brandenburg – we are your reliable partners for accident appraisals for all vehicle types, technical appraisals, accident reconstruction appraisals and value appraisals. We provide comprehensive motor vehicle appraisals of the damage or value of your car. You can also get professional accident reconstructions from us. Our appraisals are independent, neutral and qualified. This makes our appraisals your insurance in the event of a claim.