Why do you need car insurance?

Car insurance or car insurance in general is needed at the latest when you want to own and drive your own car. In Germany, for example, there is an obligation to take out liability insurance for the car. Otherwise, auto insurance is needed for a variety of reasons:

Much more interesting is the offer from DA Direkt. There are two rates for the car. The basic and the comfort tariff. A special feature here is the tariff structure. In terms of performance, the two tariffs differ significantly from each other. At the basic rate, most basic needs are covered. It is really only suitable for customers who only want to be insured against the biggest risks. Otherwise the comfort tariff is applied.

This is somewhat unusually arranged. Not automatically included are more services quite the opposite. It is only made possible for the customer to book many achievements against an additional amount. This is precisely why the direct bank is one of the most flexible banks on the entire market. Customers can customize their best car insurance as they wish. The workshop commitment is part of the contract. Unfortunately, it can only be deselected at extra cost.


There are basically three different types of auto insurance. This is the liability and comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance can be divided into two further areas. This involves partial and comprehensive insurance.

Partial cover costs the least and for a simple reason. If an accident should happen, only a portion will be covered by insurance. What exactly is covered depends on the respective contract. For example, the insurance is not liable for own fault. That is why the premiums are also much lower. The situation is somewhat different with comprehensive insurance.

In this case, not only a part of the damage is reimbursed by the insurance company, but the entire damage. Therefore also "Voll "kasko. This concerns both the fault of another participant and one's own. Click here to return to the car insurance home page.

How much does a car insurance cost?

Car insurance can cost different amounts of money. This depends on several factors such as:

  • Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Age
  • past (many accidents, no accident)
  • Provider
  • type of insurance (partial, fully comprehensive)

Normally the annual amount ranges between 100,00 € and 1.000,00 €. The exact value can be found out in a car insurance comparison.

Liability insurance

If someone damages someone else's personal property, even if it's not on purpose but by accident, you want to be compensated for that damage. The same applies if instead of a thing or even in addition to a thing also persons come to harm. It is always important to ensure that the injured party is adequately compensated. The compensation of the persons takes place thereby on financial basis. Logically, the person who is responsible for causing the damage in the first place will always be held accountable.
If a child has caused the damage, then it is obvious that the parents are liable for the children and in this case must take responsibility for the damage. So that one is not however financially too much or not at all loaded, it is very important and extremely helpful, if one has a liability insurance. This ensures that the damage is partially or even fully taken over and the injured party is thus compensated.

Special offers

If you cause damage, you have to pay for it. If the own child or the own animal caused a damage, then one must stand also for this straight. Liability insurance provides very strong financial support for the compensation of the damaged person and in some cases the liability insurance also fully covers the damage. It is always a question of the agreed amount of coverage, which is taken over by the liability insurance.
There are many different providers, with which one can conclude a liability insurance on the market, many different offers from which one can choose. It is a mistake to believe that only children should be covered by liability insurance. Because also adults can cause accidents and damage things or also persons unintentionally. Thus, with the most diverse providers, one can find special offers especially for couples, couples with. Find children, singles or even couples with pets or couples with pets and children. So all members of the family are covered by the insurance and you don't have to worry about going to financial ruin if you should damage a thing or a person and then have to compensate them.