Traveling the world by car how to insure yourself?

Important to know: Insurance when traveling around the world by car

If you are thinking about taking a trip around the world with your own car, you should definitely consider the question of the right insurance in the destination countries beforehand. Of course, this also applies to smaller road trips to (more distant) foreign countries – you don't necessarily have to travel the whole world.

Learn more about car insurance when traveling the world in your own car now.

Protection abroad with green insurance card

When traveling by car through our neighboring European countries, as well as a few countries in non-European countries, there is insurance coverage under the so-called green card system. If there's an accident here, home auto insurance will cover the damage.

The green insurance card is valid in the following countries:
Albania, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Iran, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Koratia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Cyprus

If you are going on a trip that only takes you to the countries mentioned above, you don't need to worry about basic insurance coverage for your car. It is only important that you carry the Green Card, which you received from your car insurer when you signed the contract, with you on your trip and so you can show it if necessary.

Auto insurance coverage in other countries

If the trip leads to or through a country where the green insurance card is not valid, you will have to look for an adequate protection elsewhere. Here it may be worthwhile to contact your car insurance provider and ask whether you can extend your current insurance cover for the duration of your trip around the destination or. be able to expand the destination countries. Indeed, some insurers offer extended overseas cover or. Offering extended coverage for foreign travel for auto liability and also comprehensive insurance in exchange for paying a surcharge on top of the regular insurance premium. If this is the case with your provider, get written confirmation from the insurer of the coverage you have purchased. This insurance confirmation usually has to be shown when entering the country and is also accepted at most borders.

In addition, at many borders you can optionally buy a short-term liability for your car. This insurance is usually not expensive and is then valid for the duration of your stay in the country in question. To be on the safe side, find out before your trip if and what options are available for short-term insurance of your car in the respective country.

For some destinations (countries, regions) like z.B. the USA you can also buy an insurance policy for your car online. For this purpose, an address in the destination country is sometimes required, whereby the address of a hotel, camping site or relatives/friends living there is usually sufficient.

Never cross the border without insurance!

You should not, under any circumstances, enter a country with your vehicle if there is no valid insurance coverage in place. – If there is an accident, it is usually the case that you as a foreigner have to pay for the damage. The question of guilt often plays no role at all.

Hints for special destinations

Australia / New Zealand

If you are driving your own car through Australia or. New Zealand want to travel, you need two insurances:

  • Third Party Personal Insurance> Personal injury
  • Third Party Property Insurance> Property damage

Information and help can be found at the respective automobile clubs:

Without a valid and sufficient insurance coverage, you will not be allowed to leave the harbor with your vehicle in Australia or New Zealand.

Japan / Siberia

In Japan and Siberia, you must purchase a policy for your vehicle at the port of entry. Other insurance policies you've already purchased for your car won't be accepted there.

To the good end

In many countries of the world the car does not have such a high value as here in Germany. It is seen as a commodity and, accordingly, used to consumed. Fender benders, scratches or dents from parking are usually paid little attention to. For this reason, calling for police or waving your insurance card is unlikely to get you anywhere in these types of incidents.

So be prepared for the fact that in one or the other country there may be minor damage to your car, which you will then simply have to put up with.