The 20 best road trips in the usa (travel guide 2022)

Many will say that an epic road trip is the best and really the only way to experience America.This is the land of the open road, the roadside attraction, the roadside diner.If all roads lead to Rome, they have to detour to the United States at some point, I say.

When planning a road trip in the U.S., a lot of things matter.What to pack, what kind of car to rent, and most importantly, where to go.There are a million routes out there and they all have their own merits and in some cases oddities.

I've compiled a list of some of the best and most classic road trips in the country.From the East Coast to the West Coast and from Sea to Shining Sea, in this article you'll find the most beautiful stretches of good old American-made asphalt.Across the desert, over the mountains, into the past, it doesn't matter; We've covered them all here.

So what great American road trip will you take?

20 greatest road trips in the USA

Let's get to the brass tacks and start talking about the best American road trips out there!Here are twenty for you to choose from!

You don't have a car yet?Well, we have to figure that out!Use to find the best deals on the internet and save lots of money!

1.California Route 1 – Pacific Coast Highway

The road trip to the U.S. you must take before you die

  • States: California
  • Start: San Diego
  • End: Mendocino
  • Total distance: 656 miles
  • The best: Camping in Big Sur

What would a trip to California be without visiting the coast or the beach?The beach is, after all, one of the most important aspects of California life.It's talked about in almost every other conversation in the state.Who could blame the locals for loving their coast so much when you have superlative stops everywhere like Malibu, San Luis Obispo and Point Reyes?

For the ultimate California road trip, you should drive the entire stretch of Pacific Route 1.This epic route, which should take at least a week (two for maximum enjoyment), seriously pulls out all the stops.Beautiful coastlines, bustling metropolises – like San Francisco and Los Angeles – and more than enough In n' Out burger joints combine to make the perfect road trip route.This is one of the best California has to offer.

2.Route 66

The classic road trip across America

  • States: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California
  • Start: Chicago, Illinois
  • End: Santa Monica, California
  • Total distance: 2448 miles
  • Best part: The Americana

It's a popular day trip for visitors to Washington DC for one simple reason: Skyline Drive is one of the most accessible mountain drives in the U.S.In a little over an hour, you could easily escape the politics and action of the nation's capital and be in the heart of Appalachian country.For those who like long winding mountain roads, this will be one of the best road trips in the USA.

Skyline Drive crosses the entire Shenandoah National Park.This means that in addition to breathtaking views, the route also provides access to many local trails.The epic and grueling AT (Appalachian Trail) runs parallel to Skyline Drive.Those who have dreamed of hiking the Thru-Hike (a section) can do so at many points along the road.

For those looking for a more laid-back few days in Shenandoah, there are plenty of campgrounds and small towns in the area worth visiting.Winchester has a rich Civil War history, while sleepy Staunton is widely considered the region's prettiest town.

Stay a few days in Washington DC before heading out, and be sure to see all the spectacular museums.

4.Going-to-the-Sun Road

The best way to see one of America's best national parks

  • States: Montana
  • Start: West Glacier
  • Finish: Saint Mary's
  • Total distance: 50 miles
  • Best: See Saint Mary Lake for the first time

Glacier is one of the best national parks in the U.S.It's the kind of place you'll want to pack your bags after visiting and move to Montana.I've dreamed of this before and I'm sure many people share this dream with me.

The main road that crosses Glacier is called Going-to-the-Sun Road and is without question one of the most beautiful roads in the U.S.First, it passes right next to stunning Saint Mary Lake, which is one of the highlights of the park.It also provides quick access to some very good hiking trails in the park, such as Hidden Lake Lookout.This 3-mile round-trip hike begins at Logan's Pass and offers views of uniquely shaped Bearhat Mountain.

It should be noted that Going-to-the-Sun Road opens late in the season and closes early due to heavy snowfall.The road is closed for 7-8 months and insanely busy the rest of the year.There are also some hairpin turns, so remember to stay cool while driving.

5.Olympic Peninsula Loop

Rainforests, glaciers and beaches (oh my)

  • States: Washington
  • Start: Port Angeles
  • End: Port Angeles
  • Total distance: 330 miles
  • The best part: feeling the carpet in the Hoh rainforest

Few attractions in the U.S. are as geographically unique as the Olympic Peninsula.You'll find a wide variety of landscapes here, from glaciers to rainforest to rugged coastline.This is a paradise for outdoor types, or at least those who can't quite decide what kind of outdoor adventure they want to go on during their road trip in the U.S.

There are too many cool places to talk about on the Olympic Peninsula.Hurricane Ridge offers the most spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and offers solid skiing in the winter as well.Rialto Beach is famous for its rocky outcrops similar to those in Iceland.The Enchanted Valley is a very remote part that requires an overnight hike, but visitors are rewarded with a reported 10.000 waterfalls rewarded.

The best part of the Olympic Peninsula is exploring the Hoh Rainforest.Thanks to constant rain, the Peninsula's forests are overgrown, towering and perpetually lush.Take a walk here and you'll see more shades of green than you previously thought possible.

6.Kancamagus Highway

For fall foliage fanatics

  • States: New Hampshire
  • Start: North Woodstock
  • End: Conway
  • Total distance: 56 miles
  • Best thing: Being there in the fall

New Englanders are very proud people and there are certain things you don't talk shit to them about.Dunkin' Donuts, lobster rolls, Tom Brady; even a faint whisper of ill will about any of these things is a sure way to piss off a local.Just as important to New Englander identity as all of these, however, is the most striking natural phenomenon: fall foliage.

From late September to mid-October, instead of the changing colors of the trees, there's a little less talk about the Patriots (until they finally go to the Super Bowl).New Englanders go crazy for the season's reds, oranges and golds; some plan entire weekend trips in search of the best colors.Admittedly, it's pretty darn cool to travel outside of Boston and get hit by all these hues.

One of the most famous fall foliage road trips in New England is the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire.When the time is right (early October), a cold fire hits the hills and they explode with color.The 56-mile stretch of the Kanc is endless foliage and changing colors; It's like driving through the barrel of a kaleidoscope.Just be warned: you and everyone else will be there – it gets crowded in October!

7.San Juan Skyway

Colorful Colorado at it's best

  • States: Colorado
  • Start: Durango
  • End: Durango
  • Total distance: 233 miles
  • Best part: Dallas Divide viewpoint

The San Juan Skyway is the best road trip in Colorado!Nestled in the far southwest corner of the state, this route offers some of the most beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains you could ask for.The road winds through the valleys of the San Juan Mountains, arguably the most beautiful part of the Colorado Rockies, visiting many historic towns and viewpoints along the way.

This route starts and ends in the former mining town of Durango.Not much to do here except ride the old gauge, which is admittedly pretty darn cool if you like old school trains.

As you head north from Durango to Silverton, the scenery really starts to unfold.To the east, the rugged Weminuche attracts avid climbers and hikers.For the best views of the Weminuche and nearby Grenadiers, be sure to take a break at Molas Pass.

Beyond Silverton is the remote resort town of Ouray and the Sneffels Wilderness.The Dallas Divide overlooking the Sneffels is popular with photographers, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing color.

After Dallas Divide, it's straight to one of Colorado's most famous mountain towns: Telluride.If you find yourself in Telluride during the summer, be sure to keep an eye out for local festivals.During this time, almost every weekend there is a.

8.The Cascade Loop

The Best of the "American Alps"

  • States: Washington
  • Start: Everett
  • End: Everett
  • Total distance: 440 miles
  • Best part: The North Cascades to the San Juan Islands

This is THE ULTIMATE road trip in the Pacific Northwest!Seriously, there are few itineraries that offer such a wide variety of activities to do.Alpine hiking, whale watching, breweries; These are just a few of an adventurer's favorite things to do!

The Cascade Loop begins in Everett, which is just north of Seattle.Everett is a pretty little town, though you shouldn't miss visiting Seattle.From Everett, head east over Stevens Pass before turning north along the Columbia Basin until you head back west over Washington Pass and the amazing North Cascades.You should end your Washington road trip with a few relaxing days in the idyllic San Juan Islands.

If the previous paragraph felt like an oversimplification, I'm sorry; but the Cascade Loop is too big to fit into this section.To learn more about the route, be sure to visit the official Cascade Loop website for lots more information!

9.Florida A1A – Overseas Highway

340 miles, almost all beaches

  • States: Florida
  • Start: Amelia Island
  • End: Florida Keys
  • Total distance: 340 miles
  • The best part: driving across the Caribbean Sea

Knock anything you like for its crappy spring break parties and pushy retirees, but Florida still has some of the best beaches in the entire U.S.As you may have gathered from the subtitle of this particular USA road trip, almost all of them are accessible by a single highway.

Florida A1A runs the entire length of Florida's Atlantic coast AND even further into the Caribbean Sea.The section connecting the mainland with the Florida Keys (The Florida Key Scenic Byway) is considered a marvel of engineering and is one of the highlights of the trip.It's just too good to glide across the Caribbean and into Ernest Hemingway's home on Key West.

But there's more to this Florida road trip than just the Keys.Fort Lauderdale loses its reputation as an MTV beach party (for a more relaxed atmosphere). Cocoa Beach and Vero Beach still surf central.Plus, there's always a hedonistic and culturally rich Miami demanding your attention (probably too much).

10.Lassen Scenic Byway

A Lasser-Known road trip in California

  • States: California, Oregon
  • Start: Lassen Volcanic National Park, California
  • End: Chemult, Oregon
  • Total distance: 500 miles
  • Best part: Ends at Crater Lake, also known as heaven on earth

The Lassen Scenic Byway is one of the most unknown and underrated road trips in America.There's nothing wrong with this route either – it's in relatively unknown Northern California, which unfortunately only makes the news when there's a forest fire or a rebellious splinter nation is about to pop up.Still, Northern California and Lassen are just as beautiful as anywhere else in the state.

The Lassen Scenic Byway, which takes its name from the national park where it begins, offers a great overview of the region.Dormant volcanoes, bubbling springs and waterfalls are just a few of the sights you'll see along the way.Mt. Shasta, which marks the beginning of the Cascade Range, is the most prominent landmark in the area.The park offers some of the best camping in California; enjoy the breathtaking views of Heart Lake or kayak through the calm waters of Manzanita.

The Lassen Scenic Byway also extends across the state line into Oregon.This means you get to visit one of my absolute favorite places in the US: Crater Lake.It's a vast body of water, perfectly calm and almost unfathomable.Crater Lake reminds me every time I see it of Thoreau and what he said about lakes in general, "(they are) the Earth's eye; gaze in which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature."

11.The Oregon Coast – USA Route 101

For those who like to wear sandals and sweaters (at the same time)

  • States: Oregon
  • Begin: Brookings
  • End: Astoria
  • Total distance: 363 miles
  • Best part: Southern Oregon Coast

Having spent much of my life in Portland, I've taken more than a few road trips in Oregon, and the Oregon Coast holds a special place in my heart.

When I had to get out of town and work, I ran to the coast.When my girlfriend and I wanted a romantic dinner, we skipped the restaurants and instead bought fresh oysters from local fishermen in Netarts.For me the coast was my playground, my church and my second home.

I'm not the only person who loves the Oregon coast, though – many people vacation here to escape the craziness of their lives (including the ever-popular Midwestern melodist, Sufjan Stevens). Apparently, the charm of old coastal towns and the special vibe of a cool, cloudy day is not lost on the others.

My romanticizing aside, the Oregon coast is simply a beautiful place to visit.The southern part around Bandon, Langlois and Samuel H.Boardman, is particularly notable for the quintessential scenery here – rocky spires, rugged headlands and enormous cliffs.

Given how incredibly great the Oregon coast is, make sure you know which areas you should stay in when driving through!

12.The High Road to Taos

The magical highway to everyone's favorite hippie town

  • State: New Mexico
  • Start: Sante Fe
  • End: Taos
  • Total distance: 105 miles
  • The Best: Old Spanish Architecture

New Mexico is like the weird aunt who always drives her converted VW bus to family reunions and talks about gems all night long.Not that this is a bad thing: We all love them for it and hope they never change.Finally, these conversations are far more interesting than the ones we have with that one overly conservative uncle (I'm alluding to you, North Dakota).

New Mexico loves art, culture and the surrounding nature, which in turn inspires art and culture.People from all over the country, whether locals or tourists, are inspired by the state's landscapes and ancient Native American pueblos (even the esteemed George R.R. Martin was inspired by this landscape).

One of the best ways to experience the magic of New Mexico is via the scenic byway High Road to Tao.This road trip, which begins in the city of Santa Fe and ends in Taos, not only connects two of the state's most artistic cities, but also offers plenty of interesting things to do in between.

Chimayo is a very interesting stopover thanks to its church of the same name, which promises to heal the sick.San Francisco de AsIs Mission Church is one of the most famous buildings in the American Southwest and could easily serve as a prop for Tarantino or Sergio Leone westerns.

13.Texas Hill Country

The "green" part of Texas

  • States: Texas
  • Start: Austin
  • End: Austin
  • Total distance: Depends
  • The best: The natural pools

Texas isn't all desert and oil fields; there's plenty of green if you know where to look.In fact, there are plenty of waterfalls and grottos to be discovered!Texas Hill Country is full of hidden wonders most never thought could be found in old Texas.If you're looking for top-notch hiking in the States and want to sample some of the state's tastiest BBQ, consider a trip here.

Texas Hill Country roughly refers to the elevated areas west of Austin.Many roads that run through this area; To visit a decent portion of it, you'll need to take many different routes.

In general, the best parts of Texas Hill Country are around Highway 290.Locally popular watering holes like Hamilton Pool, Pedernales Falls and Jacobs Well are all within about a 30-minute detour.

There are also many barbecue joints and liquor distilleries spread throughout the Hill Country.If you're looking for some of the most legendary BBQ in Texas, be sure to stop by Cooper's Old Time Pit in Llano.

Austin is a bit of an underrated gem, so check out our insider travel guide to make sure you experience it fully.

14.Beartooth Highway

One of the most beautiful highways in America

  • States: Wyoming, Montana
  • Start: Red Lodge, Montana
  • End: Wyoming-Montana border via US 212
  • Total distance: 69 miles
  • The best: Arrival at Beartooth Pass

Given that it is one of the most beautiful roads in America, it is amazing how few people have probably heard of the Beartooth.When it comes to what to do in Wyoming, most people talk about staying in Yellowstone or the Tetons more than anything else. (Rightly! These places are spectacular in their own right!)

Yet just 2 hours from the center of Yellowstone lies this stunning road trip, so breathtaking that some say it could easily rival the aforementioned national park.Not to be taken lightly, this road starts at 5000 feet and climbs to a maximum elevation of nearly 11.000 feet to.When you reach Beartooth Pass, you'll drive through a high alpine plateau; barren, humbling, and above all, awe-inspiring.

The drive is the show-stealer here, but there's plenty to do on the Beartooth Highway outside the car, too.Lakes for fishing, hiking trails, and kitschy stores for souvenirs abound.Although the drive itself is only 2-3 hours, you could easily spend several days here.Don't just think of this as a way to connect Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Think of this route as a park to explore.

fifteen.The Hana Highway

A must-see on your Hawaii vacation

  • State: Hawaii
  • Start: Kahului
  • End: Haiku-Pauwela
  • Total distance: 64 miles
  • Best part: play "find the waterfall" game

Some people find the word "highway" in Hana Highway to be exaggerated beyond measure. "This is not a highway!" they might say; "This is a winding alley in the middle of the jungle!"Fair enough, a fictional angry tourist, I say.

Hana Highway is not your typical highway: it's narrow, winding, and sometimes scary to drive on.What would normally take an hour to drive takes more like two or three.The road is so narrow that parking on the side of the road is very difficult; sometimes it even becomes a single lane of traffic.

But the Hana Highway is worth the extra effort, of course.Waterfalls are everywhere on this road trip; In heavy rain, falls can come out of nowhere (be really careful in this case). This typical Hawaiian lushness will be omnipresent as you drive through different areas of Maui, and you will even have the opportunity to visit the beach!Pullover at Waianapanapa State Park just outside Hana to see one of the better beaches on the island.

If you end up doing this Hawaiian road trip, leave Kahului with only a full tank of gas and snacks.There's not much food and gas stations along the way.

To be honest, Hawaii is delicious, expensive and worthy of a real adventure.Check out our budget travel guide to Hawaii and extend your trip a little longer!

16.Charleston to Savannah

Southern comfort at its finest

  • States: South Carolina, Georgia
  • Start: Charleston, NC
  • End: Savannah, GA
  • Total distance: 108 miles
  • Best: Compare the two cities

It is a well-known fact that there is a long-standing rivalry between the cities of Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA.Both are competing for the title of "most charming city in the South," and the competition is fierce.Thanks to its proximity, you could easily visit it on a weekend getaway!

Charleston is the smaller city; not as hectic and pretty down to earth by many standards.It is best known for its old plantations and Southern hospitality.Many people – especially locals – like to say that Charleston is much more laid back than Savannah and consequently much more hospitable.Charleston also has a lot of great Airbnbs, so it's definitely a place to stay a little longer.

Savannah, on the other hand, is the larger of the two cities.It was once an economic center of the region and as such expanded quite rapidly.The original Southern architecture is very well preserved, the best examples being the cobblestone streets themselves, the old-school neighborhoods of Savannah, and the nearby plantations.Fun Fact: Public drinking is also legal in Savannah, which occasionally leads to impromptu block parties 🙂

17.The Best of the American Southwest

Take a trip through one of the most beautiful parts of the U.S

  • States: Nevada, Utah, Arizona
  • Starting point: Las Vegas
  • End: Las Vegas
  • Total distance: 1200 miles
  • The best part: doing LSD in a place you love

This is not an established route; there is no single road you will stay on during this trip.What this is, is a collection of highways that together form, without question, one of the most phenomenal road trips across the U.S.

The American Southwest is one of the most beautiful regions in the world; a dreamscape full of surreal arches, bottomless canyons and rocks painted over time.Hiking through the arid landscapes of Arizona or Utah is sometimes more fantasy than reality and, for me at least, a more appropriate place for gods than for humans.

My mind spins when I think about how many wonders there are on this road trip through the Southwest.The Grand Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, Antelope Canyon, Havasupai; all of these could be counted among the most beautiful places in the world.But I haven't even talked about Utah's national parks yet either!Zion, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, my God – it's all too much to contemplate.

Love it or hate it, you'll be visiting Las Vegas for this road trip, so you might as well make the most of it!

18.Route 61 – The Blues Highway

Visit some of America's most significant musical sites

  • States: Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota
  • Start: New Orleans
  • End: Wyoming (Minnesota)
  • Total distance: 1.400 miles
  • Best part: finding out where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil

A good American road trip doesn't ALWAYS have to be about beautiful scenery or historic sites.Sometimes all it takes for a good road trip is an appreciation for our musical forefathers and a really good playlist to go with it.

Route 61 is called the Blues Highway because it has been a part of the lives of so many American musicians.Bastions of classic American music, such as Memphis, Des Moines, St.Louis and the classic southern destination of New Orleans are all connected by this road.

That means the greatest blues singers, rockers, country howlers and more have all driven this road at some point in their lives.It goes without saying that a lot of shit probably happened here then.

Route 61 is full of interesting and sometimes strange attractions.Along this route are the BB King Museum, the Heartbreak Hotel and some of the most sacred music and concert venues in the country.

The coolest place on this USA road trip?The infamous "crossroads" where Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil for fame (at the intersection of Hwy. 1 and 8).

For a shorter version, road trippers can instead drive from New Orleans to Memphis and experience many of the same attractions.

19.Seward Highway

A wild road trip in the wildest state in the USA

  • States: Alaska
  • Start: Anchorage
  • End: Seward
  • Total distance: 125 miles
  • Best part: The Kenai Fjords

Choosing between this and the George Parks Highway is a tough call.The option to see monstrous Denali is available with the latter, and that alone should be enough to draw people in.But overall, the Seward Highway is probably the best road trip in Alaska.

Why the Seward Highway is great?Well, it's not too long, not too far from civilization, and it offers a little bit of everything.The drive itself is remarkable, as you have simultaneous views of the Chugach Mountains and the rugged Alaskan coast, as well as a bear or two (or more).

For the very adventurous, the Kenai Peninsula offers more than just thrills on the road.Kayaking in the fjords between the glaciers is as much a possibility as hiking in the Kenai Mountains.Remember: If you decide to head out into the wilderness, don't forget to display your usual bear-proofing skills.

Now it gets wild!You'll start with a stay in Anchorage, so be sure to book great lodging in a great location…it's cold up there!

20.Park Loop (Acadia National Park)

The rugged New England coastline

  • States: Maine
  • Start: Hulls Cove Visitor Center
  • The End: Hulls Cove Visitor Center
  • Total distance: 27 miles
  • Best part: sunset beers at Cadillac Mountain

Maine is one of the most popular destinations for East Coast road trips in the summertime.People travel here for the weekend from New York City or Philadelphia in search of far more positive vibes.Long beloved for its lighthouses and sandy beaches, the Maine coast has long been therapy for these urbanites for one reason or another.

When it comes to coastal routes, few can match the Park Loop in Acadia National Park.Towering conifers, beautiful beaches and the rugged coastline that is New England are all here to see; all accessible from your car.There are several hikes in the area that will also take you to some pretty solid viewpoints.Sunset at Cadillac Mountain is especially good with friends and beer.

Since everyone wants to travel to Maine these days, it can get pretty crowded in the summertime.Traffic will be bad and lodging will be either limited or expensive.Fall, although only slightly less busy, is a nice time to visit because of the foliage.Spring is a great time, though you should definitely bring a coat.Visiting in winter should only be for the crazies or photographers.

BONUS: The ultimate USA road trip (according to science)


  • States: All 48 lower states
  • Start: New York
  • End: New York
  • Total distance: 13.700 miles
  • Best part: The end.

Does anyone remember when this viral image of the GREATEST ROAD TRIP ACROSS AMERICA EVER made the rounds on the internet?How many people made plans to do the damn thing?

Granted, this road trip stood out more for its use of data, specifically a genetic algorithm, which already sounds super cool.In short, this genetic algorithm allowed the geniuses behind it to see the largest number of American destinations with as little backtracking as possible.

Are you ready to tackle this bad boy?Are you really in the mood for the most epic USA road trip imaginable?Then put in the vacation time and pack the car as much as you can.Don't skimp on the Red Bull either – there are a lot of long drives here, folks.

Car rental in the USA

With all these competing companies and exorbitant deposits, renting a car in the U.S. can seem daunting.Honestly, I don't blame people if they ever felt intimidated trying to rent a car in this country – there is a real learning curve.

But booking a rental car can become much more manageable if you know a few things beforehand.Here's what you need to know:

  1. You'll need a credit card to rent a car in America – The car rental company will use it to collect a deposit for the car.
  2. You must be 18 years old – Even then, you'll be charged more if you're under 28.Younger drivers will be considered a liability.
  3. Don't book rental insurance with the rental company – Use a third party provider as they are cheaper and offer better protection.Rentalcover is a good choice.
  4. Do your research – use search engines like to find the best prices.Limousines are usually the least expensive options.SUVs will cost a lot more.
  5. Gas prices are different in each state – Use ViaMichelin to graph gas prices in each state.As a rule of thumb, gas is cheaper the closer you get to Texas and the South.
  6. Some credit cards offer rental insurance – be sure to check if your credit card company will cover you in case of an accident.If they cover you, you'll save lots of money.You must of course book the car with THIS card to qualify.
  7. Almost all American cars have automatic transmissions – I honestly think it might actually cost more to rent a manual transmission…
  8. Check to see if there's a cleaning fee – If you've made a bit of a mess, most companies won't charge you anything.Some shady ones, however, will charge you a fortune for a pack of gum.

What you should pack for a road trip in the USA

First things first: your road trip packing list will vary greatly depending on how long your itinerary is.If you're only traveling for a weekend, your list will be much shorter and less demanding.But some road trips can last weeks or even months.If you're like my friends Kevin and Liz, you'll end up living off your car, and at that point it may be time to invest in vanlife.

If you're packing for a shorter road trip, go minimal.Take the essentials, such as a road safety kit and some sort of navigation device, and then add more as needed.If you're camping, take the appropriate gear with you.If you have a toddler, pick up a doona car seat stroller (it's a really cool piece of technology). If you want to save money, take plenty of snacks and pre-made meals to avoid stopping to eat.Easy as pie.

On the other hand, if you're planning a truly epic American road trip itinerary that would make Jack Kerouac or Alexander Supertramp jealous, you'll need much, much more stuff.I can't cover everything in this section of the article, but I can suggest that you check out our road trip packing list for more ideas and suggestions.

Aside from knowing what to pack for your road trip to the U.S., you also need to know how to pack.If you have a lot of stuff, you need to be aware of how to organize everything, especially if you have a smaller passenger style vehicle.Set up a system – use packing cubes and plastic bins to keep everything separate; bungee cords will be your best friends.

For more information on packing a car, check out this informative article at USA Today.

What to do if you have problems on your road trip in the U.S?

A lot can go wrong on a road trip: Tires can blow, accidents can happen, engines can sputter and stall.Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere because someone forgot something important like an oil change can ruin your trip very quickly.

That you should be well prepared for your road trip in the US should go without saying.I would like to kindly remind you of this here.Prepare before you set out on your asphalt odyssey by having at least: a roadside emergency kit and some sort of insurance policy.

It's good to get lost sometimes, but it's also good not to get too lost.There are people who want you to get home in one piece.

There is one travel insurance provider that The Broke Backpacker trusts with all his wildest shenanigans… World Nomads!

Click the button below to get a quote for your insurance, or read our in-depth review of coverage from World Nomads.And then … let the shenanigans begin. 😉

A roadside assistance kit includes everything you need to fix small problems on the road.You can't fix everything (you'll need a mechanic for that), but at least you can charge a dead battery and arrest a bumper in a pinch.

When shit really hits the fan and your vehicle is really in trouble, insurance comes into play.If there's a fatal problem with your car, believe me, it gets expensive, and insurance means you'll have a little financial help.

Now you could invest in two types of insurance: regular travel insurance or special rental car insurance.

Some travel insurance providers offer basic vehicle insurance and will cover you in certain circumstances.World Nomads insurance is a good example.Granted, there is sometimes fine print about who qualifies.For example, drivers from some U.S. states may not qualify for vehicle assistance with World Nomads.Always be sure to double check.

If you want comprehensive protection, turn to an independent rental insurance company like Rental Cover.Most offer excellent coverage at very reasonable prices, more than the car rental company offers you.

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