Sued after traffic accident?

If you have caused damage to another in a traffic accident, your insurance company "alone" decides whether and to what extent the damage of the other party to the accident will be settled.

No influence on decision making

Your insurance company listens to both parties and then decides, based on the objective circumstances, whether and to what extent to settle or reject the other party's claim. You have no influence on this decision authority of the insurer.

Insurer may judge liability differently

You may be of the opinion that you did not cause the accident. Your insurance company may be of a different opinion and settle the damage of the other party in full, contrary to your request.

Risk of legal clarification

If your insurer rejects the other party's claim, it is common for the other party to file a lawsuit to enforce their claim in court. Such a lawsuit is often filed against the insurer as well as you. The driver of the vehicle is usually co-accused in order to "eliminate" him as a witness.

Will be your guide or. If the owner of a motor vehicle is served with such a lawsuit, you must immediately contact your liability insurance company.

You cannot hire your own attorney to represent you at trial!

Insurer's attorney

In such a case, your liability insurer has the sole right to conduct the lawsuit and hire a lawyer of its choice. Typically, your liability insurer will hire a lawyer they trust to represent the insurance company and you together. Your insurer's lawyer will contact you to let you know what to do next.

Cost absorption

Your car insurance covers all legal costs, because it decides "alone" whether and to what extent the damage of the other party to the accident will be settled. If the damage of the accident opponent is not or not completely settled, your insurance provokes alone the judicial clarification. Therefore, automobile liability insurance always includes full legal protection in the event of an opposing party's lawsuit.

Claims settlement by insurers

If you are convicted, the insurer will pay the amount of damages that are adjudicated. You don't have to pay a dime.

Lawyer Ferdi ozbay

Describe the accident to me either in person or by telephone. I take care of the rest. I report the claim to the insurer and handle all correspondence and phone calls with all parties involved. I will keep you informed of all interim results on an ongoing basis. Contact now