Special case corona | money back from car insurance

In the Corona pandemic for many people it means parking instead of driving. The spacious office was exchanged for the compact home office and the car is used only for really important trips. Fewer drivers on the roads also means fewer accidents and fewer miles driven in a year. So maybe there is money back from the car insurance company?

Euro | Refund in crisis

Reimbursement in the crisis

Some drivers could benefit from the crisis and get money from their insurance company. Current statistics show that the number of traffic accidents in the past year is healthy. This concerns the time of the first lockdown. After another lockdown in Germany, some companies are promising to let their policyholders share in the cost savings.

So the low cost of claims will soon be felt in motorists' wallets. Some insurance companies have already announced, including Huk Coburg, that policyholders can expect refunds.

If your insurance company has not yet made a statement in this regard, you should, because of your low mileage, definitely report this to your own car insurance company. Likewise, there is the possibility of correcting the driving volume and adjusting it at least for the current year.

Some companies bill according to the actual kilometers driven anyway. This is the case with car insurance Friday. Here the kilometer achievement is queried once per year. If you have driven less kilometers than previously stated, you get your money back. Such contracts are worthwhile especially in the Corona crisis. In addition to the exact mileage statement, the car insurance Friday can be canceled monthly and is quickly completed digitally.

Refund | How much?

The exact amount of the reimbursement cannot be quantified exactly. Who z.b. A mileage rate of 15.000 kilometers in his policy and actually because of Corona home office only 5.000 kilometers, can expect a refund of approx. 21 percent of the insurance premium.

annual mileage in relation to the premium costs:

  • 5.000 kilometers about 8 percent more than 2.000 kilometers
  • 10.000 kilometers about 13 percent more than 5.000 kilometers
  • 15.000 kilometers about 9 percent more than 10.000 kilometers
  • 20.000 kilometers about 12 percent more than 15.000 kilometers
  • 25.000 kilometers about 13 percent more than 20.000 kilometers

Deregister or decommission the SUV and save premiums

If, for various reasons, you do not need your car at the moment, you have the option of deregistering it and canceling the insurance, or simply letting the insurance lapse.

Decommissioning with the insurance

If you don't need your car in Corona times, you can leave your car insurance, you don't have to cancel it. Depending on the provider, these rest periods can be 12 to 24 months long.

The advantage of decommissioning:

  • No cancellation and later re-registration is necessary
  • 12 to 24 months rest period possible
  • If you have had your insurance for longer than a year, you will not pay any premiums for the rest period
  • Deregister or immobilize the car at the registration office
  • Present deregistration certificate from the insurance company

More info on how to shut down your insurance:

Cancel insurance contract

If you deregister your car at the vehicle registration office, you can cancel your car insurance policy without any deadlines.
Disadvantage here , you have to sign a new insurance contract when registering your vehicle.

How long do the percentages of a car insurance policy last?

Main road with a lot of traffic

Who decides to change the car insurance or even register a vehicle again after a long time, should consider the no-claims class. The percentages or discount points ensure a low premium and confirm accident-free driving over a period of time.