Scooter driving – driving license traffic rules fines

Riding a scooter without papers or driver's license is a criminal offense

One of the most famous Italian scooter models comes from a helicopter engineer. A trademark of this vehicle is the free passage between the saddle and the handlebars. Even today, most scooters have a similar design. And they still enjoy great popularity. Because especially in the city it is quite convenient to ride a scooter. You are comfortably on the road and yet faster than with a bicycle. So that the driving pleasure does not end in disaster, it is important to take one or the other rule to heart – for the sake of your own safety.

FAQ: Riding a scooter

Most scooters are considered mopeds. The cubic capacity of these small motorcycles is not more than 50 cc, the power is not more than 4 kW. And they can not drive faster than 45 km/h due to their design. For such scooters you need at least the driving license class AM.

If you drive a scooter without a valid driver's license, you commit a crime. In this case, the judge will sentence you to a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of one year.

Scooter riders are very easily overlooked. Therefore, drive with extra foresight and do not insist on the right of way in dicey situations. More tips and traffic rules we have summarized here.

A short fact sheet about the moped and the required driver's license

Riding a scooter: Don't jump into the traffic fray without a license plate

Scooters are mopeds whose engine capacity is 50 cc or less. You reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. This is why you are not allowed to drive your scooter on the highway, where only vehicles with a maximum design speed of 60 km/h are allowed.

For this, the small vehicles are well suited for city traffic – and for very young people. Because the necessary driver's license of the class AM may they already from the 15. Acquire a year of life. And also car drivers can drive a scooter with the passenger car driving license of the class B.

Motor scooters, or mopeds, sometimes look confusingly similar to light motorcycles. The latter have an engine capacity of 125 cc or less and are much more powerful. Different regulations and a different driving license (class A1) apply to them.

Consider before riding a scooter: Operating license, insurance, helmet requirement

Before you ride a scooter on public roads, you need:

  • an operating permit (ABE)
  • an insurance license plate as proof of the mandatory liability insurance

Riding a scooter without a helmet: Instead of a fine, you could only receive a warning. and serious head injuries in the event of an accident

A general inspection (TuV) is not normally required for mopeds unless you have had modifications made to the vehicle that are subject to registration, e. B. A throttling of the maximum speed to 45 km/h.

On the scooter there is helmet obligation like with the motorcycle. For this purpose, safety helmets tested according to the EU-uniform regulation, which have an ECE mark in the lining or on the chin strap. Even if you "only" ride a scooter around town, you should consider buying a closed-face integral helmet. It protects – unlike the jet helmets popular with scooter riders – the whole head and face.

Not allowed to ride scooter with a bicycle helmet, let alone completely without a suitable helmet. Fire helmets or work helmets are also not permitted. You can also learn more about this in this video:

Riding a scooter with two people is only allowed if there is an appropriate passenger seat

  • Car drivers overlook scooter riders due to their narrow appearance very quickly. Therefore, keep an eye on all cars, even those next to the road. Be especially vigilant at intersections, when turning and near vehicles parking in and out – and rather give up the right of way. You may be in the right, but still have the greater damage in the event of an accident.
  • If you ride your scooter, always wear light and bright clothes. The same principle applies in traffic as on the catwalk: "see and be seen." But on the road it can save your life.
  • Only ride fast enough to maintain good control of the scooter at all times – in all road conditions and in all weathers.
  • Indicate every lane change, overtaking and turning in good time. Check regularly, as of all lights and turn signals work properly.
  • Keep a sufficient distance to the car in front and increase it in case of bad or wet roads. Do not drive too far to the right on the side of the road. Because when you drive a scooter, you also have to keep sufficient side distance to the right.

Fines and other sanctions for misdemeanors

Regardless of the tips above, if you ride a scooter, you must abide by the same rules as any other road user.

In particular, you should not ride the scooter without a helmet. Although the catalog of fines only provides for a warning fine of 15 euros for this, the head injuries that you can sustain in an accident weigh much more heavily.

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