Save money on car insurance with these tricks!

Tricks to save money

In 2016, the German Insurance Association, or GDV for short, calculated the classes for about 27.000 car models new. In 2017, this results in reclassifications for one to three percent of vehicles and thus higher insurance costs for owners. Specifically, this affects drivers of SUVs and luxury vehicles.

To lower your car premium, for example, carry out a targeted insurance comparison. Change to a favorable offerer, save you in the year up to 950 euro. Furthermore, it is worth to think about the insurance coverage. Do you need hull insurance? How useful is the deductible? With some car insurance policies, you'll benefit from discounts that will lower the cost significantly.

Save money by switching insurance companies – how to do it?

The price gap between expensive and low-cost providers is up to 50 percent. Therefore you profit before the new conclusion from an intensive insurance comparison. You find appropriate portals in the Internet. In order to get a meaningful result, you specify your personal needs when comparing insurances. These include factors that lead to a reduction in the car premium. The change is suitable for new customers as well as for long-time drivers. Are you afraid of paying too high insurance premiums? Check on the Internet to see if signing up with a cheaper provider is a good idea.

As a rule, you cancel your current policy by 30. November without problems. In this way, you can compare insurance annually, for example, and benefit from the savings. When taking out a new car insurance policy, make sure you have the right scope of cover. You can't avoid some items – for example, car liability insurance. For all motorists it represents a compulsory insurance, so that injured parties can get compensation in case of a traffic accident.

However, you decide whether you prefer full or partial coverage insurance. Both do not exist as mandatory insurance. They are suitable to cover the cost of repairs to the vehicle in the event of a claim. With the partial cover insurance you will benefit from the insurance coverage in case of bad weather, accidents and hairy deer. Comprehensive insurance additionally includes accident and vandalism damage. As a rule, it is only worthwhile for new cars. Do you own an older model, you get much cheaper with partial coverage insurance. However, for some vehicle models, the price differences between the two types of insurance hardly matter.

Save on insurance premiums with a deductible

For full and partial coverage insurance, agree on a high deductible to save up to 25 percent on premiums. Pay for minor repairs out of pocket, that way you don't have to report them to the insurance company. This way you do not risk losing the no-claims class. You can find this and more advice in the article "5 Car Insurance Tips: How to get even cheaper" of the R+V24 insurance.

Additionally, you'll save money by critically evaluating the additional options that car insurance companies offer. Carsharing proves to be useful. In case of damage, the insurer will organize the pick-up of the car as well as the repair in the partner workshop. This saves you effort and money. If you insist on the workshop exemption, the insurance premium increases by up to 20 percent. However, the point only matters if you choose comprehensive insurance!

Vehicle class affects your insurance premiums

If you buy a new car, its type class influences the amount of the insurance premiums. Priority fast car models – sports cars, for example – and, since the beginning of 2017, off-road vehicles, fall into higher classes. To save up to 80 percent on insurance costs, pick a low-class vehicle. Likewise, choosing the type of fuel as well as the age of the car offers savings opportunities. For example, you pay less insurance costs with a gasoline car than with a diesel car. If you buy a new car, you will benefit from a cheap liability insurance. Due to the risk of theft, however, there are high fees for comprehensive insurance.

Find out about discount offers from your insurance provider. For example, you get a garage discount if you can store the car in a lockable garage.