Roadtrip 6 tips for an exciting road trip

A road trip by car – unforgettable experience and dream of many vacationers. To ensure that the experience on four wheels really is a highlight, there are a few things to bear in mind. With these 6 tips, the trip will be an unforgettable experience, packed with positive impressions.

1. Obtain information about the destination

There are countless ways to take a trip by car. Every place, every country has its individual charm, but also very individual requirements. Before the exciting road trip can begin, it is best to obtain as much information as possible about the destination.

If you are planning a city trip, you should know exactly if there are access controls. Some German cities, for example, allow entry only with a so-called environmental badge. If the vehicle does not meet the requirements, access to the region is prohibited; violators face penalties. The same applies to possible toll charges or other regulations.

And not always the Roadtrip with the own vehicle can be completed. For example, if you want to experience the adventure of a road trip in a convertible, you can find great models with a flexible roof at many car rentals. When renting, customers should not only pay attention to the possible environmental badge, but also to the insurance conditions. Is the right no-claims class included in the contract, or will customers face costly expenses if the vehicle is damaged?? Before the renting absolutely the details of the contract read, in order to avoid nasty surprises with the travel purse.


So that all destinations are reached: The right car must not be missing on the trip. Rental car providers offer numerous models for this purpose.

2. Plan tours in advance

Spontaneity is great on a road trip, but only to a certain extent. In many regions a rough planning in advance is recommended. This is especially true if there are only a few accommodations or aid stations. Journeys through desert landscapes or mountains require planning in any case, for example to ensure the timely supply of fuel or food.

To accommodate planning and spontaneity, a strategy is recommended: define a daily driving limit. No one wants to sit in the vehicle all day on their road trip. Therefore, it is recommended to look at the route for the current day before starting the trip and look for possible deviations. Driving on well-known panoramic roads is not only a feast for the eyes, but sometimes requires some spontaneity.

Along the popular Pacific Highway, for example, there are great opportunities to get to know the country and its people better with a short stop at a farm or small restaurants. Who informs itself before, what the area has to offer, can drive more purposefully the desired points and avoids haphazard driving.

3. Choose your passengers carefully

Stress factor co-driver: What to do if the co-driver is really annoying during the road trip and ruins the nice trip with unqualified comments and other actions?? So that exactly this does not happen, the co-driver for the adventurous car trip should be chosen optimally. It is best to try out a few joint rides beforehand to check compatibility. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware: Even the most beautiful road trip is not always all sunshine. Small annoying moments or differences of opinion are perfectly normal on a long trip. In such situations, it is important to keep calm and talk to each other. Sometimes it also helps to get away from each other for a short time and just go your own way for a few minutes or hours.

For example, the driver can take a break at the stop and enjoy the beautiful view. During this time, the passenger has the opportunity to go on a discovery tour by himself or to prepare to take over the wheel after the break. No need to speak at all during this breather period. Simply let your soul dangle, take a deep breath and afterwards talk about the disagreement with new energy. Very important: do not hold grudges! Instead, talk it over once, then check it off and enjoy the other moments of the road trip.

Tip : If you do not drive your own car, but book a rental car for your trip, you should always take into account the second driver. If only one driver is registered in the rental contract, only this driver is allowed to drive. If the passenger takes the wheel, the insurance coverage would expire in the event of a claim.

Road trip to the Alps

To make the road trip a success: choose the co-driver well to make the trip a were experience and not a stressful adventure.

4. Packing the right things

Pack smart – an important rule when it comes to preparing for a road trip. Often there is only limited space in the vehicle. This wants to be used optimally. Very important are the documents that everyone needs: ID card or. Passport and driver's license. Not to forget: the wallet with various means of payment. Always having some cash on you can pay off, especially in rural areas. Not everywhere there is the possibility to pay by EC or credit card. Therefore, always pack a few bills in local currency.

What luggage do I need on my trip? Travel bags are much better than bulky suitcases for optimal stowage. To make the most of the space in the car, it is best to pack several smaller sports bags and place them in the trunk or rear footwell. When choosing clothing or. Care products, the length of the trip is decisive. Is there a washing possibility on the way or not? This question also helps with the optimal choice of clothing.

5. Plan your travel budget carefully

The most important thing on a road trip: travel funds. Depending on the region, the cost of fuel can be particularly high. Therefore, calculate in advance exactly how many kilometers will be traveled approximately and fill the travel fund well. Away from conventional routes or highways, there is a lot of potential for savings, because fuel in rural areas or after the next highway exit is much cheaper.

There is even more savings potential in finding the right parking space. In many cities parking is particularly price-intensive. It doesn't have to be that way, because there are special park-and-ride options almost everywhere. Park the vehicle a bit outside and take public transportation to the city center.

6. Prepare for emergencies

No matter how well planned, something can always happen when traveling. That's why it's essential to always have an emergency plan and the most important tools with you on a road trip. Emergency numbers from the automobile club, a car rental company or the police emergency number should always be known. Preparation is also recommended for medical emergencies. Be sure to have a first aid kit on board and carry some medications yourself for emergencies. Headache tablets, tick tongs, ointment for wounds – a well-packed first-aid kit doesn't take up much space, but is extremely helpful in emergencies.

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