Renting a sports car – with or without deductible?

If you rent a sports car in Stuttgart, you are obliged to take out fully comprehensive insurance. However, some offers give you the option to choose comprehensive coverage with or without an excess. A rental without deductible is usually a little more expensive, but in most cases of damage you do not have to face additional costs. In the following we go from mach2cars GmbH on the advantages and disadvantages of both variants and explain when it is worthwhile to book a rental car without deductible.

When is a rental car without deductible worthwhile?

For every rental car driver and rider, being involved in an accident during the rental period is a nightmare. Even if you have a fully comprehensive insurance, you may be asked to pay in this case, namely whenever you have opted for a fully comprehensive insurance "with excess. This means that you have to pay for the damage with an own contribution. The amount varies between different car rental companies.
Therefore, we advise you to take a look at the rental terms and conditions before booking. In Canada and the USA a fully comprehensive insurance without deductible has long been the rule. This is worthwhile, because then you have the full protection and can save expensive additional insurance.

Rent a sports car in Stuttgart

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Renting a sports car – these claims are not covered by insurance

If you rent a fast sports car and an accident results in a total loss, you are optimally covered with a fully comprehensive insurance without deductible on the cost level. Finally, the amount of damage can amount to several thousand euros for some car rentals. Information about the amount of your deductible can be found in the respective rental conditions. However, as soon as the driver's own fault is involved, the insurance coverage without deductible does not apply anymore. Examples are:

  • gross negligence
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Vandalism
  • Operating errors of the vehicle
  • Wrong parking
  • Driving without a license

For all of the above examples, compensation may still be paid under certain circumstances. It always depends on how the insurance company interprets the case. However, you should not rely on this, but avoid negligence during the rental period as best as possible.

Advantages of renting a car with excess

When renting a sports car with excess, the following rule of thumb applies: the lower the rental price, the higher your own contribution in the event of a claim. Provided that you flirt with this variant of the comprehensive insurance, compare absolutely before the reservation of a rented car the prices. Once you have concluded a rental contract, it can often no longer be terminated free of charge.

You should pay attention to this

As already mentioned above, it is always a good idea to thoroughly check the conditions of your contract. This is especially true for the extent of the insurance coverage with deductible. In this context, make sure not to double-insure the deductible of your comprehensive insurance. Some car rental companies may try to sell you additional insurances. If you have found a fair offer for a rental car with excess, you can keep your rental costs comparatively low. Therein lies the great advantage. However, no one is immune from damage. For this reason, you are on the safe side if you rent a sports car without deductible.