Premium comparison auto insurance

Lamborghini Urus

Comparing premiums in car insurance doesn't really make sense if you're not willing to compare the benefits as well.

Cheap results can be obtained today via any comparison platform. Even the question is designed to always work towards a cheap end result (premium).

Who then thinks that the desired deductible (in full or partial coverage) is the only relevant distinguishing feature in the scope of services, has been far wrong.

Comparison of benefits in car insurance

Comparing benefits in car insurance is the only sensible way to ensure adequate insurance cover. Good benefits cost more money (premium). Few services are cheaper. This is in the logic of the matter.

So you have to decide whether you just want to be insured cheaply or rather well, according to the requirements and circumstances.

Professional advice in car insurance

The expert advice in car insurance is the only possible way to ensure adequate insurance coverage.

For a comprehensive consultation, an intensive analysis must first be carried out. Many individual questions and answers ensure that all aspects that come into question can be taken into account for the compilation of the insurance cover in the individual case.

Practical example from car insurance

Our practical example from car insurance makes the subtle differences clear.

A Porsche Panamera was insured with Pfefferminzia 1.5 years ago, as a new car. The insurance contract is based on the facts and circumstances at the time.

Based on our comprehensive analysis, the following differences stand out:

Features and requirements Then Today
New value compensation 12 months (expired today) 36 months
Own-damage coverage Unknown feature Include
Value retention Unknown feature Included
Additional total loss protection Unknown feature Contain
Driver circle insured person + spouse insured person, spouse, children
Driver protection Not included Included
Mileage 6.000 Km/year 15.000 km/year
Parking Property Garage
Driving areas Germany Germany, EU foreign countries
Foreign damage protection Not required Included
Breakdown cover Not required Included
Workshop commitment Included Not included
Annual fee 650,00 Euro (today) 590,00 Euro (today, with us)

Sports cars and luxury sedans

Whether noble sports cars or luxury sedans, whether exotic insurances or premium cars. Here, not only the way of premium calculation is different, but also the insurance coverage has many special features to offer. For more information, insurance examples and premium calculations visit: