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Driving under the influence of alcohol is highly dangerous. Only how much alcohol one has actually in the blood? And how quickly is alcohol actually broken down? After how much time you are allowed to drive again? The per mille calculator helps to determine the approximate time after you are sober again. And with the alcohol calculator you find out how much alcohol you have in your blood after a certain amount of drinks.

In order to determine the per mille number, information on the amount of drinks consumed (and thus the amount of alcohol ingested), your gender, age and weight is required.

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Alcohol reduction& Calculating per thousand: Values, limits, formulas

The alcohol content in the blood is calculated in per mille. A per thousand, as opposed to a percent (the hundredth), is a thousandth.

For the amount of alcohol ingested, determine the amount of alcohol in grams per glass per drink and multiply it by the number of glasses drunk.

You multiply the body weight by the distribution factor. As a rule of thumb, this factor is 0.6 for women and 0.7 for men. You can refine this rough value by calculating total body water (TBC) in liters, according to Watson. For this purpose, the information on gender, weight, age and height is used in the above calculator. This is not to be confused with the BMI.

With the Widmark formula, the blood alcohol concentration is then calculated in per mille. Here the amount of alcohol is put in relation to the body weight and the distribution factor. This formula is used to accurately analyze the alcohol content in your blood to plus or minus 0.1 per mille.

Please note that promille calculator and alcohol calculator can only provide approximate values for blood alcohol and alcohol reduction. These are based on average values and are based on a healthy adult with a normally functioning liver and no medication consumption. In addition, other factors influence the level of promille in the blood. Of great importance, for example, is the period of time over which alcohol consumption occurs. Depending on the period of time, alcohol degradation already takes place during consumption.

Blood alcohol

What is the alcohol breakdown per hour?

On average, the blood alcohol content is reduced by approx. 0.1 grams of alcohol per hour. This means that the average alcohol consumption is between 0.1 and 0.2 per mille per hour. In men and people with higher body weight it is higher than bspw. for women or rather thin people.

A 40-year-old man with a body weight of 80 kg is drunk after consuming one liter of beer (5% vol.) within approx. 5 hours sober again. You can calculate individual blood alcohol levels and alcohol breakdown times using the alcohol calculator above.

How much per mille has a beer 0,5 l?

  • A 1.8 meter tall man weighing 90 kg has a blood alcohol level after 0.5 liters of beer of ca. 0,3.
  • A 1.7 meter tall woman with 70 kg has after 0.5 liters of beer a blood alcohol level of approx. 0,4.
  • You can calculate individual values with the per mille calculator above.

How much per mille has a glass of wine 0.2 l?

  • A 1.8 meter tall man weighing 90 kg has a blood alcohol level of approx. after drinking 0.2 liters of wine. 0,2.
  • After drinking 0.5 liters of wine, a 1.7 meter tall woman weighing 70 kg has a blood alcohol level of approx. 0,3.
  • Individual values can be calculated with the alcohol calculator above.

When will I be sober again?

From a medical point of view you are only sober again when the blood alcohol level is 0. Out of respect and caution for those around you, this should be the only value you get into a car with.

From a road traffic law perspective, you are still allowed to drive a car up to 0.3 per mille, but: should you be involved in an accident even with blood alcohol levels below 0.3 per mille, the insurance company will not pay.

If you have between 0.3 and 0.5 per mille and show conspicuous driving behavior, you could face fines, points and license suspension. 0.5 per mille leads to at least 4 weeks of revocation of the driver's license, 500 euros fine and 4 points.

What is the alcohol content in a long drink?

To determine the blood-alcohol level, it is important to know the alcohol content of the drinks consumed. The differences between the individual drinks are sometimes considerable. The decisive factor is the proportion of pure alcohol, so-called ethanol. This molecule produces the effects typical of drunkenness.

The alcohol content of spirits is expressed in percent by volume (v/v).-%) measured. In a 100-milliliter glass (0.1l or 10cl or 1dl) with a 5-Vol.-% drink therefore contains five milliliters of pure ethanol.

The alcohol content in a long drink depends on which spirits are processed in which quantity in it. Volume percentage decreases with the addition of soft drinks such as soda, cola or juices.

A glass of vodka contains about twice as much alcohol as a Campari, which, at 25 vol.-% already belongs to the stronger drinks. A glass of vodka-orange contains twice as much alcohol as a glass of Campari-orange. The fact that many long drinks literally have it in them is shown by a comparison with other drinks. Two long drinks fortified with 4 cl Campari have about the same alcohol content as a whole liter of beer.

Conversion alcohol: milliliters to grams

To determine the amount of alcohol and calculate the per mille value on this basis, it is important to specify the amount of alcohol in grams instead of milliliters.

Since alcohol is lighter than water, milliliters must be multiplied by 0.8, instead of 1:1 as with water, where one milliliter is exactly equal to one gram.

Who can take more? Men or women?

Another factor that determines how long the alcohol level in the blood persists is gender. Women generally break down alcohol more slowly than men do. They are normally also drunk faster. In addition, the weight and thus the amount of blood circulating in the body plays a role.

Attention: this circumstance contributes to the difference between women and men in terms of the intensity of alcohol consumption. When men drink alcohol, it is often in higher quantities than women.


Alcohol calculator: How much alcohol is contained in spirits?

Alcohol typeVolume percent (vol. %)

Absinthe 38
Absinthe 53
Absinthe 60
Absinthe 68
Absinthe 70
Absinthe 72,5
Amaretto 25
Aperol 15
Aquavit 42
Arrak 40
Asbach 38
Averna 29
Bacardi 37,5
Bailey's 17
Batida 16
Becherov 38
Berentzen 15
Bitter 43
Bloodroot 50
Brandy 38
Brandy 40
Cachaca 38
Cachaca 40
Calvados 40
Campari 25
Chantre 36
Cinzano 15
Cognac 40
Cointreau 40
Doppelkorn 38
Double Cachaca 38
Egg liqueur 20
Gin 37,5
Gin 40
Gin 42
Gin 47
Grand Marnier 40
Grappa 35
Grappa 40
Grappa 43
Grappa 50
Havana Club 40
Hennessy 40
Jagermeister 35
Kahlua 20
Beater 15
Knocker 20
Grain 32
Grain 38
Kummerling 35
Liqueur 10
Liqueur 15
Liqueur 20
Liqueur 28
Limoncello 26
Malibu 21
Martini 15
Mezcal 38
Mezcal 40
Obstler 38
Fruit Liquor 40
Obstler 43
Ouzo 36
Pastis 45
Pernod 40
Peppi 50
Pimms 25
Raki 45
Ramazzotti 30
Ramazzotti 38
Ricard 45
Rum 35
Rum 37,5
Rum 40
Rum 46
Sambuca 40
Sambuca 42
Straw 80 80
Tequila 38
Tequila 39
Tequila 40
Underberg 44
Vodka 37,5
Vodka 40
Vodka 43
Whiskey 40
Whiskey 43
Whiskey 46
Whiskey 50

Calculation example for a Gin Tonic

The Gin Tonic, consisting of gin and tonic, is one of the most popular long drinks in the world. The calculation is based on a long drink glass in the standard 300-milliliter size. If the glass is additionally filled with ice, then a gin content of between 4 and 6 cl can be assumed. Especially when using higher quality and more expensive gins, many bartenders use a measuring cup of 4 cl.

The minimum alcohol content for gin is prescribed by law and is 37.5% alcohol. In the higher quality gins, the alcohol content is often higher, for example 40% or even more. Selected varieties such as Cadenhead's Old Raj and Blackwood's Gin have an alcohol content of 55 and 60 percent, respectively.

A gin and tonic has an alcohol content of about 14 grams. The equivalent of about a glass of red wine or a bottle of beer. Besides the gin and tonic, there are many other long drinks with different alcohol content. The online calculator determines the values of a shot or other beverages in grams for you free of charge.

Alcohol content of liquors

How high is the alcohol content in a shot?

As mentioned earlier, the effect of alcohol depends on the amount consumed. This varies from variety to variety. About it give the data to the volume percent in % vol. Reveal. This percentage refers to the volume. Relevant in this context is the unit of measurement liter. Thus, in a 0.5 liter bottle of beer with an alcohol content of 5% by volume are. 25 milliliters of ethanol or pure alcohol contain.

Wine is about twice as alcoholic as beer. The alcohol content of a glass of wine is about the same as over a bottle of beer. Shots and shots are particularly wide-ranging.

Tequila has an alcohol content of 38 to 40 % vol., Vodka is at about 40 vol.-%. Strong fluctuations occur with the liquors. Strong liqueurs reach about 55% vol. Cream, egg and fruit liqueurs are with about 20 % vol. Significantly below. Three shots of vodka or three tequilas are the alcohol equivalent of seven shot glasses of Bailey's and half a liter of beer.

Part per thousand sober


  • Blood alcohol content can be estimated using information on gender, body weight and drinks consumed.
  • Illnesses, medication use and poor physical condition have a negative effect on blood alcohol levels.
  • Don't drink and drive! Anyone who has consumed alcoholic beverages should no longer drive a car.