Is gas cheaper than electricity in joe bidens america??

The high price of gas is proving to be a thorn in the side of President Joe Biden's administration these days, and that's leading more and more people to talk about making an "early" switch to electric vehicles. Many people new to the EV discussion still think an electric car is a luxury product, as opposed to a mainstream one – yet as gas prices approach $8 per gallon in California, even the staunchest opponents of electric cars are wondering, "Is gas cheaper than electric?"

The answer? Of course not! Nowhere in the country are gasoline cars cheaper to own and operate than electric cars – and the numbers have proven this time and time again. Still, this 2020 piece by Johnna Crider did a better job than most in highlighting that fact by showing state by state how much new car buyers could save on fuel costs by choosing electricity over gas. The difference is staggering, and only becomes more impressive when you consider that gas prices have risen by a full dollar per gallon in the year since this interactive map, from Self Inc., was originally published!

Graphic courtesy of EIA.GOV

You don't have to take my word for it, however, as there is no shortage of online cost comparisons to help you answer for yourself that gas is cheaper than electricity. In addition to their own, Austin Energy and Energy Guide both offer EV buyer's guides you can check out … remember, you know It's hard for either of these sites to keep up with the rapid rise in gasoline prices!

As for those of you who have already received the EV message, I invite you to read Johnna's 2020 article below and see how well you think it stands up to the market changes of the past year. Enjoy!

By Johnna Crider, on 23. October 2020.

Is gas cheaper than electricity? Cost comparison by state for electric vehicles vs. Gas vehicles

Self-Financial has shared a cost comparison of electric vehicles and ICE vehicles by state. The guide points out that many people often want to know how much an electric vehicle would cost compared to gasoline alternatives. The guide considers several factors in its calculations, including fuel, energy, mileage, insurance, EV incentives, taxes, registration fees, maintenance and emissions testing.

Key statistics

Some key statistics from the guide include the estimate of the average annual cost to operate an electric vehicle in the U.S. – 2.722 USD. The average annual cost of operating a gasoline vehicle in the U.S. is 3.356 US dollars. Oregon is the least expensive state to operate an electric vehicle (annual cost of 1.$810), while Michigan is the most expensive state to operate an electric vehicle (4.276 USD per year).

For gas vehicles, North Carolina is the least expensive state to operate an electric vehicle (2.$621 per year) and the second cheapest state to operate an electric vehicle (1.836 USD per year). California has the highest adoption of electric vehicles in the U.S., but is the seventh highest state in the cost of an electric vehicle. Of course, California in general has a high cost of living.

The guide also analyzed the cost of the Tesla Model 3 and compared it to the cost of a premium gasoline equivalent (BMW 3 Series). It found that the BMW annually 1.Is $660 more expensive than the Tesla.

The cost comparison guide "Is gas cheaper than electricity" includes an interactive map that allows you to compare costs in each state by simply hovering your mouse over that state. In my home state of Louisiana, the cost of driving an electric vehicle for an entire year is assessed at 3.500 US dollars stated, while the cost of driving an ICE-powered gas vehicle with the same number of miles 4.148 US dollars.

Price comparison over 25 years

The guide also looked at operating costs over a 25-year period. The three vehicles analyzed for this comparison were the Tesla Model 3 (110.$368), the Toyota RAV 4 ($111.464 US dollars) and the BMW 3 Series (151.$880). These prices include the purchase price of each vehicle split over the first 6 years.

EV incentives were included in Self Financial's calculations in the interactive map. The states that have incentives and/or rebates are as follows:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington.

Fuel cost per mile

To get the annual mileage of 13.474 miles to drive, which was used from state to state for the cost per mile becomes 3.369 kilowatt-hours needed for the trip. This would mean that the cost of an electric car per mile is just over $0.03. Self Financial's gasoline car settlement cost was a little more than $0.06 – when you look at fuel costs only.


Tesla Insurance

The guide noted that the average insurance cost for an American EV driver is 1.674 U.S. dollars were involved. Michigan led as the most expensive state with 3.128 US dollars and North Carolina was at 1.038 US dollars the most favorable.

The average insurance cost for a gasoline car in the U.S. is 1.232 US Dollars. Michigan also led as the most expensive state with 2.032 U.S. dollars, and North Carolina as the cheapest state at $764. However, this comparison is basically meaningless here, because the majority of electric vehicles are Teslas, which are simply priced higher than most ICE cars, and there are no new, sub-20K EVs like there are for gas cars.

Maintenance costs, electricity vs. Gas

Based on annual mileage of over 13.000 miles, the annual maintenance cost for a Tesla Model 3 is estimated at $190 per year. By comparison, the average annual maintenance cost for the most popular gasoline car in the U.S., the Toyota Rav 4, is $964.60. That's a $774.60 difference.

At the end, you can mouse over individual states on the interactive map to see how the calculations worked out. Remember, these are all averages full of assumptions.

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