I don’t need private nursing insurance


"I don't need private long-term care insurance" – I hear these or similar statements from customers every now and then. So I wanted to delve a little deeper into why this obvious gr0ve financial risk is sometimes just blanked out. I also draw on recent findings in brain research!

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Risk of needing care

A representative TNS Infratest population survey of the Continentale health insurance a.G. from 2014, concludes that approx. 80% of all persons fear of the care case and/or. have before the financial costs in the case of care.

Current statistics also show that one in two families will experience long-term care and more than one in two people will need care at some point in their lives.

If we put these two "realities" together, we should come to the conclusion that actually everyone should have a private long-term care insurance policy.

The car – the favorite of the Germans – is gladly "fully comprehensive insured" – but the own financial security in the case of care is not!

Why is that so?

Unfortunately, this is where our brains get in the way. We often have to make decisions quickly – our brain uses the strategy of "simplification" to do this. It is our error in intuitive thinking.

Especially when a problem seems complex to us, our brain tries to transform this problem into a simple question. We are talking heuristics here. One manifestation of this is the substitution heuristic, which kicks in when we're concerned with a question we can't answer with our current knowledge. Here also problems and questions are meant, which are unpleasant for us and which we like to suppress.

Nevertheless, we would like to have an answer to this problem. But to give ourselves an answer, let's replace the complex problem, with an assumption that is more comfortable to us. We can then deal with this acceptance more easily. So in our example instead of "What impact will needing care have on my life?" to "I won't need care and if I do, it will work out somehow". So instead of dealing with the background of a need for care, the risk is gladly "ignored" – even if the facts say otherwise.

At the same time, as rational people, we are supposed to analyze the facts and make a decision based on them. In our caregiver risk example, we have the following facts:

  • about every second person will need care at some point in their life
  • The benefits provided by public long-term care insurance policies are not sufficient to cover existing costs
  • the average length of care is 6.7 years
  • in the stationary care are on the average mtl. 2.800,- € mtl. from your own financial resources

Therefore, the question arises: why should I take the financial risk of ca. 168.000,-€* yourself, if it is due to a relatively small mtl. Contribution can be outsourced?

*) 5 years of inpatient care at 2.800,-€ own contribution

Assuming our person in need of care can pay mtl. 700,-€ from your own financial means. Then for inpatient care still have to pay 2.100,- Euro can be secured. This costs in the TOP tariff of Allianz (PZTB03) depending on age the following premium:

Altermtl. Contribution

10 years 9,52 €
20 years 9,52 €
30 years 35,07 €
40 years 53,76 €
50 years 84,14 €
60 years 138,53 €
65 years 182,35 €

The table quickly shows that the earlier you start with supplementary long-term care insurance, the lower the monthly premium. Post. There are also very big differences in the respective care tariffs. We recommend our article "Comparison of supplementary long-term care insurance"

Bottom line – I don't need private long-term care insurance:

Don't let your brain lead you around by the nose and analyze your personal situation quite rationally based on existing facts. You are welcome to call us about this. Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation on 02641 205445!