Get car insurance without a credit check?

Due to the economic crisis, changes in the labor market and increased maintenance costs without salary increases, many citizens now face financial problems. A large proportion of households in Germany have debts, and many households are even considered to be over-indebted. Private insolvencies are on the increase – and with all these problems, of course, the entries in Schufa are also on the rise. If you have such an entry, it makes it difficult for you to conclude many contracts. But how does the Schufa behave with regard to car insurance? Get car insurance maybe even without a credit check? We get to the bottom of these questions and tell you whether you can get car insurance without a credit check.

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The meaning of Schufa

So that enterprises, to which naturally also the auto-insurance belongs, can already obtain information over the customers before conclusion of a contract, the Schufa was created. The institution is to collect, list and evaluate data from customers in order to calculate a score from this data. The score ultimately reflects the payment strength of a customer. Basically, the data at Schufa can be divided into two categories. One category contains the positive characteristics. This includes any checking accounts you opened, your overdraft facilities, credit cards, approved loans and installment contracts. Every single point reinforces Schufa's view that you are a financially strong citizen. However, if you no longer meet your payment obligations and contracts are terminated, the tide turns. Credit institutions notify Schufa of the cancelled credit and the entry is immediately assessed negatively. Your point value decreases. If an insurer now inquires with Schufa, it receives the new point value. If this deviates from the company's own specifications, you may no longer be approved for the contract.

The biggest problem with Schufa is that the saved data is only updated at long intervals. Negative entries usually remain for three years and continue to burden you even if your financial situation has improved significantly. Regardless of how much money you actually have, the data at Schufa therefore speak a language all of their own.

Does car insurance work without a credit check??

In many cases it is suggested in advertisements that you can conclude a contract without the so-called credit check. The credit check is understood to be the query with Schufa, which almost every company carries out before offering you a contract. In the past, it was actually the case that the credit check did not necessarily take place. Today, however, companies are so closely networked with Schufa that the credit check is carried out automatically. If you make an inquiry with a car insurance company, an inquiry is automatically triggered with Schufa. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the credit rating is in the foreground. Within certain guidelines, which differ from insurer to insurer, attention is paid to the check. Some insurers ignore them almost completely, unless the score is too low. Other insurance companies will not deny you car insurance even with an extremely low score, but may require deposits or other conditions.

It is important that you know in advance what form of car insurance you can take out. Only the liability insurance is a compulsory insurance. Without proof of liability, you will not be allowed to drive the vehicle, nor will you be able to register it. You will probably be able to take out this basic insurance quite easily without paying attention to the credit check. A partial or fully comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, is one of the additional insurances that cannot be concluded without further ado. However, you do not necessarily need both insurances, although you can benefit from the contents.

Secure car insurance

Even without an entry in the Schufa and the associated problematic credit check, you should never take out car insurance without comparing the offers with each other. Even the legally regulated liability insurance for motor vehicles differs depending on the insurance company. The state only specifies the minimum coverage amounts, the insurers can increase these independently and thus offer you more security. With a bit of luck you will get a tariff with a higher sum insured even without paying attention to the credit check.

Our car insurance comparison is your easiest way to compare companies' rates and get a price overview. You only need to enter the required data in the insurance calculator, and the calculator will compare the entries with the rates of the car insurance companies and give you a list afterwards. This includes both the tariff scope and the prices of the respective car insurance without a credit check.

Of course, you also have the option of extending the comparison to fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive insurance. However, you should now expect that more attention will be paid to your credit check. However, the conclusion of an extended car insurance is not completely hopeless. If your score at Schufa deviates only slightly from the internal norm, you could get a contract.

Make it easier for you to close the deal

Of course, we cannot promise you that you will get a car insurance with a negative credit report, nor can we assure you that the report will hardly be considered. Nevertheless, we know that your chances of getting a car insurance are very good. At least if you choose a cheap quote. The comparison of car insurances is by far not as time-consuming as you might think. All you need to do is use our free and non-binding car insurance calculator. This evaluates the entries you have made, compares them with the insurance rates of the known car insurance companies and subsequently provides you with a convenient listing. From this you can see the contents of the car insurance and of course also directly see the costs. You do not even need to shy away from the fully or partially comprehensive insurance in this way. Especially if the negative entries in the credit report refer to the past, you should dare to try. Who knows, maybe your insurance company of choice will still agree to insure your vehicle in comprehensive coverage?

You can also improve your chances of closing by switching to an annual payment plan. This even gives you the advantage that most insurers offer discounts if customers pay the annual premium annually or every six months in advance. If you agree to a deductible for the additional insurances, you will not only reduce the premiums, but also increase your chances of getting a car insurance without a credit check.

Test our insurance comparison

Also to protect yourself from high costs and thus new financial burdens, you should carry out an insurance comparison before taking out car insurance without a credit check. You can do this very easily using our comparison calculator. In addition, you can take out the insurance from the comparison calculator. But also if you want to change your car insurance, the insurance comparison is recommended. Experts even advise you to check your car insurance annually and change it if necessary. Just give it a try and see if you can't find car insurance without a credit check through our site.

Car insurance without Schufa

car insurance comparison

Car insurance despite Schufa entry , exceptions exist only:

in case of fraudulent misrepresentation of the insurance by the policyholder
if the insured person has not fulfilled his pre-contractual duty of disclosure
if the policyholder has not paid the premium

Only because of a negative Schufa information, the car insurance may not reject an applicant at all.

Car insurance without Schufa

Even with a negative Schufa, it is possible in Germany to obtain car insurance or. to take out motor vehicle insurance. A Schufa inquiry takes place, but leads in the fewest cases to a refusal. An insurance cancellation could possibly get you with a private insolvency or with Schulder. If you would like car insurance to be taken out entirely without a credit check, a car insurer comparison in the rate calculator is a good idea.

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Car insurance despite Schufa

Compare car insurance despite Schufa? The negative Schufa does not have to become an obstacle when comparing car insurance companies. For favorable premiums, all policyholders have the chance to take out a powerful and competent car insurance policy. To identify the best offer, a free and high-quality comparison is necessary and should include all offers for car insurance despite Schufa in the comparison.