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National Car Rental Thailand

Car rental National Car Rental Thailand

A good car rental in Thailand is the provider “National Car”, with which I have had only good experiences so far.

National Car Rental is a US-American car rental company, which is represented throughout Thailand with 11 car rental stations. I had already booked numerous cars through Billiger-Mietwagen, which has the car rental National Car with in the program.

My last booking via the portal Billiger-Mietwagen.The car I rented from National Car Rental Thailand (Sunny Cars) was a compact car, a brand new Nissan Almera, which had just 9000 kilometers on the clock. The rental car was picked up in Pattaya (212/14-15 Moo 5, North-Pattaya Road), which was already waiting at the rental station.

The formalities at the rental station of National Car were carried out quickly, such as copying the driver’s license, credit card and passport, which was ca. 5 minutes lasted. When picking up the vehicle, National Car requires a deposit of 10.000 Baht, which can be deposited with credit card (AX, MC, VISA) and will be refunded after proper return of the car.

To the deposit to be paid is still to be noted, which this is retained after a case of damage to the car, but with one over the rental car portal Billiger-Mietwagen booked rental car is reimbursed by the organizer again. Prerequisite for this is, one has the correct insurance package with concluded.

Car rental return:

The return of the rental car was again in Pattaya, where an employee immediately took care of my car. The car was after 1500 kilometers driven by me quite dirty, but “dent-free”. The employee of National Car looked briefly at the car, checked whether the car is full of gas and after a few minutes I got the credit card statement of my deposit back, that was it then. The whole settlement was quick and uncomplicated.

National Car insurance coverage:

On the website of National Car it is difficult to find out what the coverage amount of the liability insurance is. It can be assumed that as with all car rental companies in Thailand, the standard rate applies.

This means that the amount of coverage of the liability insurance at National Car for personal injury up to max. 10.000.000 Baht (250.000 EUR) and for property damage 5.000.000 Baht (130.000 EUR) amounts to. Also, there is the possibility to select additional insurance during the booking process, such as theft protection, personal accident insurance and a comprehensive insurance (Super Collision Damage Waiver), but these cost extra.

More favorably and with better insurance achievements, is the reservation over a German rented car portal*. Tour operators also offer additional insurance, which is topped up to a total coverage of between 1.7 million – 7.5 million EUR. With it still another comprehensive insurance, which includes also damage to tires, glass and underbody as well as theft with.

If there is any damage, only the deposit will be retained by the rental company, but you will be reimbursed by the additional insurance. Important when booking is, one should not take the cheapest offer, but the one with the best insurance packages. At Billiger-Mietwagen this is called “Rund um Sorglos” Package offered.

National Car rental stations Thailand

National Car has 11 rental stations throughout the country, so it is also possible to return the rental car in another city, which makes the vacation planning more flexible. The following rental stations are available in Thailand:

  1. Bangkok Srinakarin Office
  2. U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport
  3. Samui Airport
  4. Phuket Patong, Holiday Inn Hotel
  5. Phuket Airport, Terminal 1, 22/1 Moo 6 Maikhaw,Talang
  6. Krabi Airport
  7. Chiang Rai Airport
  8. Chiang Mai Airport
  9. Pattaya 212/14-15 Moo 5, Pattaya-North Road
  10. Don Muang Airport Bangkok
  11. Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

National Car Thailand recommended?

The car rental National Car in Thailand is definitely recommended, the vehicles are all in a new and technically perfect condition and services such as 24 hour emergency service, additional booking of a navigator system (GPS) round out the offer.

In order to be on the safe side in terms of insurance, it is best to make a booking through a German tour operator, as they have a better and higher insurance cover than is usual in Thailand due to the additional insurance.