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Each fall, Stansstad receives the new health insurance policies for the coming year. In addition to housing and household expenses, health insurance premiums are one of the largest monthly burdens in every household budget.

Health insurance premiums in 2018 rose by an average of 4%, in some cantons even up to 6.5%. How premiums will behave for 2019 remains to be seen. In 2019, premiums for public health insurance companies and health insurers (KVG, GKV) are likely to increase again.

This burden increases a little every year, as premiums have usually increased in recent years. As health insurance policyholders, we have to accept the higher premiums every year. Especially families often suffer from high health insurance premiums. Unfortunately, one cannot really defend oneself against it. But you can mitigate the premium increase and save your wallet by comparing health insurance plans for the Stansstad community and switching to a cheaper plan.

In addition, in many cantons in recent years, the income limit for receiving premium reductions has been increased. Especially people from the middle class and families will be burdened with even higher health care costs, as they will no longer receive premium reductions under the new regulations.

Good reasons for changing health insurance

There are many reasons for changing health insurance companies. The main reason to look for alternatives for his health insurance are usually the annually rising insurance premiums. In many cases, however, policyholders are not satisfied with the benefits or service they receive. Or one longs for a simpler billing procedure or competent consultants.

  • Depending on the current life situation and health insurance savings of up to CHF 1000 are possible.- possible in a year
  • For families, much greater savings are possible under certain circumstances
  • Savings are also possible with the same or even better benefits
  • With our partners, questions are answered by independent experts and services are tailored to your needs

The following factors are taken into account when calculating the health insurance premium in Stansstad:

  • Number of doctors and hospitals in the region
  • Pharmacy density
  • Premium region, individual cantons are divided into premium regions
  • Age and thus the state of health of the insured persons
  • Type of insurance model (family doctor models, Callmed models, insurance models with free choice of doctor or hospital)
  • Amount of franchise selected
  • Bonus programs in connection with sports activities are possible with some health insurers and have different influence on premiums

Tips for saving health insurance premiums

Unfortunately, our health care costs are increasing every year. On the one hand, insured persons are getting older and older, on the other hand, better and better treatment methods are being used which are also correspondingly more expensive. The drugs used are constantly improving, but in most cases this also means an increase in price. All this must be borne by the health insurance companies, which then passes the cost on to the insured via the premium. Health insurance premiums vary from region to region and are therefore very individual for each person in Stansstad.

Compare health insurance premiums Families Stansstad save money

Compare health insurance premiums

In order to compare health insurance policies well with each other, it is advisable to obtain quotes and quotations at an early stage. In most cases, it is worth researching on the Internet to reduce the large number of offers to a small selection. For example, there are insurances whose models are rather tailored to older people, to families or to single young people.

After that, compare about three offers of health insurance companies with each other, which come into question for your current situation. Now, while the amount of the premium is the most important factor, don't discount service and billing options when comparing. Particularly low-cost providers often apply costly billing procedures for the insured person. The benefits should not differ in the basic insurance (KVG, GKV), these are regulated and defined by law. An exact comparison of the benefits of health insurance is especially important for supplementary insurance, because in this area, the insurers are free to design their insurance and benefit models.

Switching health insurers must always be well considered. After all, after switching, you want to get the same or, if possible, better services, but pay less premium for them.