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10 Things that can go wrong around the vacations – and possible solutions

Vacation, in theory, means perfect all around, indeed arguably the best days of the year. However, in practice, distance, means of travel, or other factors sometimes create problems that can put a crimp in the vacation or even bring a twist that makes you downright relieved when you finally arrive home again. You want to know what is the pinnacle of those things that can go wrong? Then we have some examples for you – including tips on how to avoid such problems, or at least solve them as quickly as possible.

Hotel Construction Site

1. Your hotel is really bad

In the past, you had to fully trust the travel agent to choose your accommodations, such as on-site at the travel agency. There you got all the information you needed and could look at some photos in glossy magazines. However, everyone was probably aware that these hardly correspond to reality. Nowadays there are many more ways to search and choose a hotel. Most of you probably resort to the internet for this one. There you can finally find on different pages the information, pictures& Co. compare. The same is true for the prices. Get more realistic insights from customer reviews or unedited photos and reduce the risk of being disappointed on the spot. Plus, if you're lucky, you can score a real bargain.

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Things to know about the company car

When employees get a company car from their boss, also called a company car, company vehicle, company car or company vehicle, the uncertainty often begins: Is a company car even worth it, how do I have to pay tax on the car and who is liable in the event of an accident? These are just a few of the questions that then arise. Part of running a business is that you'll have to address this issue with your startup at some point. The good news: Here you'll find the answers around company cars.

Note: Gender-appropriate language is important to us. Therefore, we use gender-neutral terms on this portal whenever possible. Besides that, we're switching to the generic masculine. This explicitly includes all genders (m/f/d). This approach is for editorial reasons only and does not imply any kind of judgment.

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Mobile home registration what do you have to consider?

To obtain a camper registration for the self-modification of the vehicle, brings certain obstacles or requirements with it. What there is to consider and which conditions must be fulfilled, we want to explain to you today once in this magazine article exactly.

Car tax, motorhomes and co.

The self-development of the motorhome is a trend that has become increasingly popular, especially in recent years and especially by hobby campers like to operate. Often it is only small additions such as navigation systems or but also changes to the interior design. For this type of self or. Modification on your camper you usually do not need any special registration certificates. Especially if the changes have no impact on weight, size, performance or safety, these often do not violate guidelines from the TuV and also do not change anything in the motor vehicle tax. But there are not only approvals for the removal from the motorhome. Even a general admission, as with an initial registration, can become a bit of a challenge in some circumstances.

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Game accident costs insurance and penalties – here’s how to behave properly!

Deer accidents are not uncommon in Germany. In 2019/2020 alone, according to the wild animal accident statistics of the German Hunting Association, more than 230.000 furred deer killed in collisions with vehicles. But a crash can have devastating consequences not only for animals, but also for motorists. Around 2.500 people injured each year as a result of a wildlife accident. Who gets away only with a fender bender, has lucked out. In this article, you will learn how to behave properly in the event of a deer accident with deer damage, what costs are borne by the insurance and how, at best, you can avoid a collision with deer.

When is spoken of a game accident?

It is only then a game accident, if so-called hair game is involved. This includes deer, stags, wild boars, foxes, lynxes or even hares. Smaller wild animals such as hedgehogs, lizards or birds are not counted. The damage caused to the car is then called game damage and the animal that died as a result of the car accident is called fallen game.

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