Car rental from thrifty on mallorca

Mallorca is for me one of the destinations that is hard to explore without a rental car. On my 2020 trip I had rented a car from Europcar, this time I chose Thrifty, the discount provider of Hertz. Which experiences I made, about it reports this Review.

Especially in the vacation regions around the Mediterranean, rental car providers are often particularly notorious and there are one or two horror stories to read on the net. Most of the time, though, renters aren't entirely innocent, because renting a car unprepared can actually trap you anywhere.

I always book my cars in Germany through a German agent, where all insurances are included, especially a fully comprehensive insurance without deductible. I try to rent from the major providers, since I have so far made the experience to find better cars and better service, so that the dream vacation does not become a nightmare in the end.

Rental car from Thrifty in Mallorca – Rental

Already in the offer for the category I booked a mini was given. However, such information is usually just an example, so I was all the more surprised when I was able to leave the airport a little later with a Mini. The rental before was quick and trouble-free. After I handed in my voucher, I got the lease and the keys, without trying to talk me into anything additional.

Car rental from Thrifty in Mallorca – Vehicle

Most of the vehicles at Thrifty are a bit older, as they are probably first used at Hertz and later get to Thrifty. This car already had almost 35.000 kilometers on the speedometer, but you didn't see that on the car. Everything was very clean and absolutely functional.

The car was well equipped, so it had cruise control, automatic air conditioning and also a navigation system, which was however not very useful. I found the road layout and also the representation of the route suboptimal and G. Maps guided me better over the island.

The Mini is only suitable for two people at most, as there is hardly any room in the rear seat. Even the trunk offers little more space than for the luggage for two.

Rental car from Thrifty in Mallorca – drop off

Dropping off the rental car was just as hassle free. In the parking garage at the airport, an employee took a quick look at the car and then handed me the receipt.

Rental cars from Thrifty in Mallorca – Conclusion

As a car rental company Thrifty is absolutely fine in Mallorca. The renting works without problems, as well as the delivery. Also my rental car was in good condition. The Mini is, after all, a cult vehicle that comes with a few gadgets and has its fan base. I have to admit though that I didn't like the vehicle that much. I found the space in the interior quite cramped and would probably prefer to drive a different car next time. Other than that though, I would definitely rent from Thrifty again if there is a good deal available.