Buying your first own car tips


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Author - Michael Hartmann

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Before you buy your own car, you should first of all pay attention to good quality.

When to buy a car?

You can buy your own car from the age of 18.

Buying a car privately what to consider?

If you buy a car privately, make sure you get all the important papers for the vehicle from the seller.

Buying your first car: What are the preliminary considerations

For most young people, this moment is something very special: after many theory units and driving lessons as well as a nerve-racking test, they finally hold the coveted driver's license in their hands. Some of them are now flirting with buying their first car.

New car, used car or annual car, buy a car or finance a car: these are the considerations novice drivers should make, as well as how to finance ongoing maintenance costs for gas, insurance, taxes and repairs.

Otherwise, the dream of your first own car can quickly tear a big hole in the budget. Even if you only buy a car according to the motto "the main thing is that it drives," you will not necessarily enjoy your vehicle for long.

Buying a car: What speaks for a new car and what speaks against it

For those with the wherewithal, a new car may be worth considering as your first car. Although the acquisition costs are higher, a new vehicle is state of the art in terms of environmental friendliness, fuel consumption and safety.

This is important

The cost of car tax is also lower in many cases as well. In addition, car dealerships often offer attractive packages when buying a car, including inspections and insurance for a certain period of time.

Also not to be sneezed at: the warranty on new vehicles that covers defects for the first few years. Last but not least, a new car is also attractive because you can determine the equipment yourself when buying a car and look forward to the feeling of a vehicle fresh off the production line.

If you want to buy a new car, you should consider the issue of "depreciation". This is strongest in the first three years. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy a car that is ten years old, it will hardly suffer any loss in value.

In addition, a new car mandatorily requires comprehensive coverage. This can add up to a considerable sum in the first few years. In the case of used cars, you can reduce the insurance coverage to partial coverage or liability insurance, depending on the age of the car.

Buying a year-old or used car as a first car: Arguments for and against

Because of the high depreciation in the first few years of purchase, many car buyers go for a used car instead of a new one. A popular option is the annual car. This can compete with a new vehicle in terms of fuel consumption, technology and safety. At the same time, a year-old car is significantly cheaper than a new car. Nevertheless, you still have to dig comparatively deep into your pocket for an annual car.

Novice drivers on a budget are more likely to go for older models with a lower purchase price. Here, the loss of value is almost no longer a factor. Also, used car dealers provide a warranty of at least one year when you buy a car. Nevertheless, beginners should pay attention to some important points when buying a used car. As a layman, you should refrain from relying on private sellers when buying a car – the supposed bargain can quickly turn out to be a bad buy.

Who would like to use this sales source nevertheless, should take along expert companions to the inspection and test drive. With a used car, you should also take into account that fuel consumption and repair costs are often higher than with newer cars.