Bmw key lost – the next steps


If you lose an ordinary key, you can usually replace it relatively easily . With a BMW key, as with other modern cars, you must consider other points, because the risk of misuse by a finder or thief is above average in this case.

BMW key lost – A quick but thorough search is required

In a BMW, losing a key can come at a significant cost because you can't simply make or use a duplicate for security reasons. If possible, search all the rooms you have been in since the last time you used the key, and ask for it in public buildings. Many finders hand in a lost BMW key in the nearest store, even if they find it on the street in front of it. Therefore, ask in as many places as possible to increase your chances:

  • Public places you have visited
  • The local lost and found office of the city
  • The lost and found offices of the surrounding stations
  • Major stores, government offices, restaurants and malls in the vicinity of your route
  • Social media on the Internet

Do not forget, however, that you are under time pressure if you have lost your BMW key. As long as it has not been locked by a garage, any finder can use it to open or move your vehicle.

Is the suspected location of the loss near the vehicle?

Particularly critical consequences arise if you lose your BMW key within a direct radius of the vehicle that belongs to it, because the door unlocking radio frequency means that it is not difficult for criminals to find the car or motorcycle that belongs to the key. If you have a spare key, you should park the car in a safe place or – if this is not possible – disconnect the battery or remove the fuse responsible for the central locking system to be on the safe side.

Notification to the insurance company

You must immediately report both the loss and recovery of a BMW key to your insurance company, otherwise they may refuse to pay the claim if the vehicle is stolen or damaged. If you cannot rule out the possibility of theft, also file a report with the police. The insurance company will also determine whether it is necessary to change all the locks or if it is sufficient to replace the code stored in the immobilizer with a new one. The replacement of all locks by a licensed workshop is a complex and expensive process and costs several thousand Euros depending on the model.