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The car is not only a practical support in everyday life to get from A to B quickly, but can also quickly become a danger in the event of an accident. For this reason, the AXA motor vehicle insurance in Gronau and surrounding counties as well as throughout Germany is required by law and can be extended with additional modules at AXA Regionalvertretung Jorg Agten in Gronau. We give you a first overview.

Liability insurance as a compulsory program of car insurance

Due to the great danger that can emanate from motor vehicles of any kind, the German legislator has prescribed liability insurance for all vehicles in public road traffic. The AXA car insurance covers all damages that you cause with your car to another person. Personal injury and property damage are insured, with the former in particular leading to immense consequential costs.

Third party liability only compensates the damage caused to the injured party and does not cover the damage caused to your car due to a collision. For example, if you hit another car at a traffic light, we will cover all costs incurred by the injured party to restore the original condition.

Partial cover module: Insures force majeure and animal damage

In addition to liability, AXA Autoversicherung der AXA Regionalvertretung Jorg Agten in Gronau also provides cover for damage to your own vehicle via partial cover. Among other things, these causes are insured:

  • Force majeure of any kind, such as floods and earthquakes, hail
  • Animal bites and collisions with animals without restrictions
  • Theft and break-in

If you act negligently, this has no influence on the benefits of AXA car insurance.

Fully comprehensive insurance: Your all-round protection

Comprehensive insurance includes partial cover and third-party liability, but also covers self-inflicted accidents, vandalism and other criminal acts such as hit-and-run accidents. Again, your insurance coverage remains in full force if you act negligently. However, intent is not insurable in any case.

We at AXA Regionalvertretung Jorg Agten in Gronau generally recommend fully comprehensive insurance for vehicles whose residual value is 50 percent or more. Leasing companies and banks regularly prescribe the all-round protection of AXA motor insurance.

You have just read the information text on car insurance.

We advise you gladly

If you still have questions about car insurance, do not hesitate to contact our staff at AXA Regionalvertretung Jorg Agten in Gronau. We look forward to you!

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