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AXA Start&Drive – The perfect insurance solution for young motor vehicle users

It is often the case that young drivers use the vehicle of a parent for the first time after acquiring their driver's license and are insured through them. This means that the contract of the car insurance must be extended accordingly. If the young driver is entered as a joint user in the car insurance, the premium increases significantly.

As a revolutionary solution to this problem, AXA Insurance Essen Antonio Sanchez Seoaneden offers you the AXA Start&Drive tariff.

How does the young people tariff "AXA Start&Drive"?

The parents' contract remains in its original form, which means the young user does not have to be specified in the car insurance policy. This also means that the premium does not increase.

Our tip

The AXA and DBV insurance company Antonio Sanchez Seoane in Essen recommends the inclusion of a discount saver for high no-claims classes, in case something does happen. Thus the Kfz insurance of parents is not stepped also with a damage worse.

In order to become an authorized driver according to the insurance conditions, the young user takes out a separate contract for the use of the vehicle. Namely, the AXA Start&Drive insurance for young car users. With this contract he is allowed to use the vehicle or the vehicles of the parents.

Product highlights AXA Start&Drive car insurance for young users

  • For the AXA Start&Drive Kompakt product line: any vehicle insured through a person living in the same household can be used
  • With the AXA Start&Drive Komfort product line: any vehicle insured with AXA can be used, regardless of the household

Important: The registration of young users in the current contract of their parents usually results in a significantly higher premium increase than the flat-rate premium of Start&Drive! AXA Start&Drive is therefore worthwhile!

Further advantages

1. Another advantage of Start&Drive is that the contract holder builds up his own no-claims bonus* during the time he is insured via AXA Start&Drive. He starts with no-claims class 3 at the beginning of the contract and receives an additional SFR level for each contract year. The no-claims years accumulated in this way can then be used for the first vehicle of one's own.

Customer X (20 years old) concludes a Start&Drive contract and drives the vehicles of his parents insured with AXA. He pays for the AXA Start&Drive contract 339€ per year and starts with SF class 3. The parents' contracts remain unchanged, d.h. Customer X does not have to be registered as a young driver. Thus, no more expensive premium is due for the insurance of the parents. After 5 years, customer X now buys his own car and has it insured with us.

In this case, customer X receives the SF8 with AXA for his new vehicle.

2. The Start&Drive contract can be cancelled monthly.

Not insured in the insurance policy, but still driver of the car? This happens!

There are cases where the young user is not included in the parent's car insurance, but drives the insured vehicle anyway. In these cases, insurance cover is also initially provided for these unauthorized drivers. In retrospect, however, this means that premium arrears can be levied from the start of the contract and, if necessary, the premium can be reduced. additional contractual penalties are due. Contractual penalties apply if the policyholder deliberately does not expand the user group in order to save on premiums. As a penalty, an entire annual premium can then be charged! In addition, the deductible for comprehensive insurance in the Komfort and Kompakt product lines is increased by 500€. In the event of a claim, this can quickly lead to a considerable additional payment for the policyholder. When using AXA Start&Drive this problem does not apply, because the user group of the car insurance becomes irrelevant.

What a novice driver pays for car insurance?

New drivers and young car users pose a higher risk in insurance terms. This is justified by the fact that statistically most traffic accidents are caused by road users between 18 and 23 years of age. The consequence is that the premiums for the car insurance are very high at the beginning. Regardless of whether a young driver takes out his or her own insurance or is registered as a co-user in a parent's contract. The latter is the most common variant. But in this case a risk surcharge is levied. In this case the premium may well double.