Accompanied driving from 17 our guide with tips and tricks

Accompanied driving from the age of 17 has only existed in Germany for 10 years and was introduced mainly because young people at that age lack experience after driving training. The fact is that many teenagers are already frequently involved in accidents when they have just obtained their driving license.

The principle is simple: young novice drivers can enroll in a driving course from the age of 16.5, where you will learn exactly the same content as older learner drivers. After passing the theoretical and practical test, as a young driver you will receive a test certificate that allows you to drive with a companion. You have the advantage that, as a 17-year-old, you can still drive until the age of 18. The young people have the time to gain extra driving experience and to improve their driving style on their 60th birthday. During this period you will be accompanied by an experienced driver, which provides much more security, self-confidence and routine.

After this support phase you will notice that driving is much better. During the escort period many thousands of kilometers are covered. Teenagers who do accompanied driving from 17 cause fewer accidents than those novice drivers who have not done so.

Accompanied driving Berlin: driving a vehicle at a young age

A driving license at 17? Accompanied driving is very popular. More than a third of young people opt for this model. Training at Mo's Fahrschule Reinickendorf in Berlin lays the foundation for a safe driving style and prepares you perfectly for accompanied driving in Berlin! Are you with us? Then you should after appointment z. B. present the following documents at the Burgeramt Reinickendorf-Ost:

  • Valid identity card or passport
  • Current photograph or. biometric photo
  • A current eye test certificate (max. 2 years old)
  • Proof of first aid training
  • A completed form "Attachment to the application for accompanied driving from 17" per escort including copy of ID and copy of driver's license
  • Indication of the driving school and test center

It is important that you have your main residence in Berlin. Be aware that driving without a registered accompanying person is a serious traffic violation and will immediately lead to revocation of the driver's license and a fine. In addition, the probationary period is extended by 2 years. From the age of 18. After your 60th birthday, you can then drive for another 3 months and without an escort with the test certificate. After that the certificate loses its validity. The card driving license is issued automatically, you only have to come to the driving license office within these 3 months and pick up the card driving license after presenting the identity card and the examination certificate.

Do I need insurance for accompanied driving??

Do you need insurance for accompanied driving? When learning to drive, adolescents most often use a vehicle belonging to the family or the accompanying person. For accompanied driving from 17, an adjustment of the insurance policy of the car you are driving is very important. For this you, the family member or the accompanying person must inform the car insurance about the participation in accompanied driving. This should be settled before the first accompanying journey, because in the case of damage it could otherwise come to problems with the respective insurance. If you are specified separately in the contract, the policy usually needs to be adjusted, because most often a minimum age for driving is mentioned, which is higher than 17 years old.

Separate accompanied driving insurance for young drivers is also offered, often including things like compensation for pain and suffering, personal injury up to 15 million euros and loss of earnings for the driver. Thereby you often start immediately in a higher no-claims class after a certain period of time. Also, some car insurance companies reward participants from accompanied driving with lower premiums or reward the duration of the accompanying phase. So accompanied driving from 17 offers you many advantages!

What age should the accompanying person have in accompanied driving?

If you are interested in accompanied driving, you should look for a suitable companion, who above all will determine a safe and relaxed feeling for you. However, not everyone can qualify as an escort driver. The person you choose should also meet the following important conditions:

  • A minimum age of 30 years
  • Have held a Class B driver's license or equivalent German, Swiss or EU/EEA driver's license continuously for at least 5 years
  • Have held a Class B driver's license or equivalent German, Swiss or EU/EEA driver's license continuously for at least 5 years

An older brother or sister who is 28 years old and has held a driver's license for 10 years does not qualify because of their age. Teenagers are most often accompanied by their mother or father. Work colleagues, neighbors, friends or even grandparents can accompany you while driving if the above conditions are met and the parents agree. It is good to know that the number of accompanying persons is not limited. If your parents are not always available, you can be accompanied by a work colleague or family member registered in the examination certificate without any problems.

Attention: The accompanying person must not be under the influence of alcohol (+0.5 per mille) or drugs under any circumstances. As a novice driver, you are responsible for checking this yourself before driving off. We would like to emphasize once again that you should never set off without an accompanying person during the accompaniment phase. So follow all the rules correctly and you will save yourself extra probationary period and further problems.