Accident reports shortened

If an appraisal we have prepared is reduced by an insurance company, please contact us if we have not already done so.

Very often, expert opinions are issued in a standard and arbitrary manner by insurance companies or their testing companies such as z.B. DEKRA, Carexpert, ControllExpert, Eucon, Claim Controlling and others are shortened.
In most cases you can take action against it. Hourly rates, UPE surcharges, paint material are the most common reduction items.

Legally, there are great opportunities to successfully defend oneself even in the case of minor reductions in expert opinions by the insurance companies and their inspection companies.

Motor vehicle workshops are also affected by this. Here regularly by electronic test reports on behalf of the insurance companies arbitrarily the bills are reduced. Since unfortunately many have no idea of the comprehensive topic, they often allow the reductions and the insurance company is successful with your reduction methods .
This makes it more and more difficult for car repair shops to make a profit.

Do not let the reductions unsettle you!

We take care of you!

Everything on the subject of reductions (insurance, workshop, expert)

As a free and neutral appraiser, we see it as our duty to inform you about the current developments, which put the relationship between appraiser, insurance and garage in a special light. Many drivers know their own car insurance quite well, but if they are injured in an accident, and the opposing insurance company must pay the damage, know only a few accident victims about their rights. In the meantime, insurance companies are taking advantage of this situation to such an extent that specialist lawyers and associations are considering this behavior to be criminal fraud. We do not only want to clearly distance ourselves from these machinations, we also clearly stand behind our customers who have an appraisal carried out by us.

When the accident victim becomes a victim twice

The case is almost typical: a motorist is involved in an accident without fault, the question of guilt is clear. He commissions an expert to assess the damage and sends the motor vehicle report to the insurance company. However, they do not reimburse the damage, but reduce it first of all. Amounts between 500 and 1.500 euros are not uncommon and quickly account for up to 30 percent of the costs determined in the expert opinion. In most cases, counter-assessments are used as an argument; the accident victims then think that their assessor had asked for too much and they accept the reduction in damages. The insurance companies thus save claims payments in the three-digit million range, i.e. a lucrative business at the expense of the accident victims.

The smart deletion of the insurers

In particular, if you do not want to have a vehicle repaired (because you want to have it repaired yourself or only partially) and you choose a fictitious settlement, you will be hit particularly quickly: Costs for transport to the car repair shop, the spare parts costs of the car repair shop and even the residual value (mercantile residual value) the insurers like to cross out, as well as the use of expensive tools and measuring devices in the car repair shop. The injured parties then often assume that this cancellation was justified – after all, the vehicle was not actually taken to the garage. This is often also the idea with the insurance company. However, these are reimbursement costs to which you are entitled in any case. After all, you might decide to repair at a later date after all.

Your unrestricted right: free choice of car repair shop and regional vehicle value

In the case of the mercantile residual value, instructions are even given to motor vehicle appraisers, according to which the residual value is to be determined using the data from certain online platforms. As many people know, many things – including cars – are available on the Internet at much lower prices than in their own region. However, the customer is entitled to the valuation according to specifications from his own region. But also the repair costs by a paint shop or a car repair shop are often reduced to the level of a low-cost repair shop. As the injured party you have the free choice of repair shop. So you can settle according to the often more expensive contract workshop of the manufacturer, but bring the vehicle to a cheaper workshop – this is your right as an accident victim.

The appraisal office that calculates damages exclusively for your benefit

We stand behind our clients one hundred percent. You can therefore not only have an expert opinion prepared by us. If the damage is too small and you have to resort to a cost estimate because of the economy, we will prepare an appropriate short appraisal for you. In addition, if the opposing insurance company starts to cancel the damages determined by us, we will be there for you immediately and enforce our appraisals in the original form with the insurance company for you. Such reductions in the expert opinion by the insurance company are unacceptable for us. There are now also numerous court rulings in favor of the injured party.

Bring an abbreviated certificate to us immediately – we will enforce it for you at no extra cost!

By the way, you may also consult a specialist lawyer regardless of the extent of the damage – i.e. even in the case of minor damage, which the insurance company also has to pay for. Here, too, we are happy to help you in and around Berlin. If an insurer has reduced the costs of the expert opinion we have calculated, do not hesitate to inform us immediately.

We enforce your damage comprehensively. If necessary we do it like a colleague from Berlin and file a complaint against the insurance company. Of course, the enforcement of a shortened expert opinion does not mean any additional costs for you.